Project: - Mirrors Edge [COMPLETED]


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May 18, 2011

First of all. In NO WAY does this mod relate to the game "Mirror's Edge"

now that i got that out of the way! let me show you..or rather try to explain to you guys what im making!

i will be modifying the Core P5 case, covering it with a very thin mirror finish aluminium, all the EK blocks will have this mirror finish layed over it as well! and the watercooling tubes are mirrored too!

and this is my new PC! just bought the parts recently... have a look!

Also, i am not sponsored in any way, shape or form... everything in this build is bought by my own earned cash. Id like to get sponsored... but companies just refuse :( :D

Component breakdown:

2x GTX 1080
Asus Rampage V Edition 10
Core i7 6850k
32gb G-Skill DDR4 3000Mhz


Mirror finished Aluminium to lay over the waterblocks!

and this is it assembled with air cooling!

i know i know, its very VERY messy.. but it keeps me going good and gaming, so yeah!


some of you may know me from my previous wall mounted build? (Project: F.R.A.M.E) well.. thats sold now, but the wallmount is still there! looks ugly and will be removed soon!

Link to prevoius build!


and now its...


holy damn! i didnt realise how messy it was until i looked back on the picture! :D

anyway... now that you have a slight idea.... let me show you what i have been working on....

i wanted this build to be unique...very unique, so i found a cool reservoir named Raijintek RAI-r20, it has this little inner tube, and well... i decided im going to make some "Galinstan" a Gallium metal alloy which stays liquid at about 11 Degrees C.... it was either that... or Mercury, but Mercury is toxic as hell, and i dont wanna die... so this was the alternate option!

The materials i used to make this alloy was Gallium, Indium and Tin at a ratio of 69:21:10

here is the pictures of the materials before amalgamation!







so, first i melted TIn inside a large metal spoon.... with a heat gun!! :D


and once you stirr it while is molten and cooling down it turns into almost powder like!


once i got this into powder form, i mixed everything inside a glass beaker and carried on heating it up untill everything amalgamated! oh an also i forgot to mention the Sulfuric Acid! i diluted some to ~2% and added 4 drops of it inside the micture, this keep the Galinstan from sticking onto surfaces.. because Galinstan loves to stick! this gives it a Mercury "like" look... ~2% Sulfuric acid on the left.


now i needed to somehow seal off the bottom end of this little inner tube that came with the reservoir! so.. i made a sealant from hot glue...


and filled her right up!!! :D :D i have to say... it looks MUCH better in person.




anyway... this is all for now! hope you like it! and comment!

cant wait to share more! but unfortunatley i have ran out of money for this month! untill pay day so i can buy the tube connectors and the Koolance RAM-33 blocks!!!! :))))

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some new updates regarding the project!

So we all know the theme... its Mirrored! so ive been doing some research about stripping anodizing from aluminium and steel. so i got my self a kilogram of Sodium Hydroxide.

and ive been stripping some stuff!

here you can see my reservoir caps, they used to be black, now they are silver... its currently in raw format, meaning ive not polished it up or anything, just stripped it and left it ;)


and i bought my self a new EK coolstream XE 480 radiator.

as you guys all know, this radiator is all black... but not after my stripping process!



i have partially polished the sides as a tester to see how well it turns out.... its...OKAY. this was with polishing bars, i can get a finer polish by using wet and dry paper. and then polishing bars.



here is the picture of one of the side panels stripped, and one that hasnt been stripped


OH and i also bought 4 Corsair ML120 Pro fans, as you can see i have taken out fan out of the box and threw the box away... but ive also got a chrome vinyl sticker in the middle of the fan! plan is to use that vinly on all fan blades. so then the fan spins, it should look like a mirror....


MORE updates coming soon....2017 ;)
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Update on fan modification, i purchased some aluminium tape, and taped over each fan blade as best as i could, it was very hard to get everything flush and smooth due to the nature of the aluminium tape.... it looks...okay when its not spinning..but when it spins... it looks god damn sexy! :D


The next update will be the process of stripping my Core P5's black anodizing to bare metal, and then polishing it up to a mirror finish... i tried to use the Sodium Hydroxide to remove the coating, but because it is steel... it did not work at all, the sodium hydroxide did however... work on the radiators long side panels..which are also steel.. my guess is the coating on the P5 is much higher grade, and has a much higher heat resistance.
Update! i have FINALLY got everything i need to get started... i just need a whole day to myself, and i should be able to get it all done! cant wait to show you soon!


soooo.... it has been a very long time since my last update.... i ran into MULTIPLE problems.... first of all, one of my GTX 1080's stopped working, so i needed to get that RMA'd. then once that was replaced, i had a coupe of pipe explostions due to me being a silly c*nt by running both of my pump at max and the pressure increase burst the pips off their compression fittings. so, that wasnt good either!

However! i have FINALLY finished my project, sorry i do not have proper worklogs of waterblock installation etc.

here are the FINAL images!






ALSO! the Gallium metal aloy didnt work as i had expected. but i havent given up on that yet! im currently in the process of making a custom reservoir to attach next to the actual reservoir, this custom reservoir will have a lot of liquid gallium alloy in it! i should have it ready within a few days!
Thanks! i need to take better quality pictures, the images are quite grainey because i had my iso set to 1600. damn it! :D