Project Fi Support on Blacklisted Pixel Phone


Just Plain Mean
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May 18, 1997
Even though my Pixel XL phone was finally un-blacklisted last week, Google Project Fi support did finally get back with me on Monday afternoon.

Hi Kyle,
We just received an update on the ticket we opened and was informed that the issue has been resolved at the back-end. Can you confirm that the device is working again? If not, please restart your device to ensure that the changes made at the back-end takes effect. If the issue persists after that, please inform us so we can investigate further.
Thank you again for your patience and happy Memorial Day!

The Project Fi Support Team

OK, having "Rommel" contact me from Google, was a bit funny, then I felt sorry for this guy. Then I figured if I talked to him again he would be shouting orders on where I should drive my tank. But I digress with my "humor." What we have seen here is that Project Fi is in fact taking responsibility for this Pixel blacklisting blunder. By "responsibility," I guess we are going to have to accept, "the issue has been resolved at the back-end," as admission that this entire snafu lies at the feet of Google's Project Fi.