Project: Ferrari


Nov 10, 2002
Hey, this will be my first worklog, and like 3rd window/casemod and I suck so i'm gonna stick to the basics but take a look if your interested..

I plan to paint it a high gloss, mirror finish Ferrari red color

this is what I got so far, took me 3/4hrs

Better pics:



thanks :)

Would a mirror finish bright red paint look weird, especially with yellow on it(get to that later)?
Ok, its all taken apart, im just waiting for my mom to come home so i can go out and buy sand paper/paint

I need your opinions on this, I am trying to figure out weather to use yellow or not, I think its a nice idea but it just isnt working with the red.. what do you think?

notice how the ferrari logo on the side comes down to a point, I am trying to do something similar to that..
That paint almost looks gold... bright yellow paint probably would have looked better

Looking good though, I like the dremel work on the door!

By the way thats not paint thats a photoshop mockup! but I will be painting it that way if you all think it looks good.. I still have a feeling it will come out funky looking with the red and yellow.
I think those two colors look great, although it may look out of place compared to the rest of your parts.
well atleast ur case is gonna look fast to equal out that duron your running off of! great idea for a mod, hope it comes through cool
If this case turns out good ill put the athlon in it :-P

there is another thing im going to do which im not gonna show till the end, its gonna pwn.. i hope..
Ahh, my painting skills sucks.. After the primer I painted it red and all was fine untill I started sanding, I went through the paint to the primer on some small spots and down to the metal on some evan smaller spots.. so I continued sanding using 400grit to 600grit evan though I went though, nothing got worse.. So I dryed it down cleaned it off and repainted, I think I went to thick and some small messed up spots I hope I will be able to sand down... All I know is the paint is NOT evan right now but everything is covered and red im going to let it dry now.. ill get a pic of it now..
What type of spray paint are you using?
The quality does actually depend on the brand. Try Dupli Color or Krylon Fusion
When painting you should apply a coat of primer (Don't worry if there are spots showing in the first coat) then sand it down with 800+ grit sand paper. Then paint it again. This time make sure there are not spots left showing. Hold the can about 8 inches away from the surface that you are painting. Then sand again. This time use a higher grit sandpaper. I reccomend 1000 this time. Then for your first coat of non-primer paint, again stay about 8 inches back to prevent pooling, paint it. But don't worry if it has spot/s showing through. THen sand again using 1200 grit Sand paper. Let dry. do again. 8 inches away, try to get the spots that might have been missed on the first coat. Let dry. This time sand with 1500 grit. Now. 8 inches away. Spray again. If you miss a spot don't go back to get it unless it is very big. When you let it dry this time leave it to dry for 48 hours(trust me on this). Then sand again with 1800 grit sand paper and apply your gloss the same way that you did your paint. Apply two coats of gloss and sand in between the two with 2000 grit sand paper and after the last one with 2000 grit sandpaper. It should look good. This is what I have always done when painting cases. They have turned out great. Hope this helps.
Thanks, that was very informative.. I actually did it very differently but for the next part(top or other sidepanel) I will prolly try that, I am not using clear coat though I am following the mirror finish guide in FAQ.

I am using Truck and Van paint, or something like that made by Plasti-cote(sp?)

Pics of what I got so far, paint job sucks but I like the color, hopefully when i sand it down and continue to the next stage in the process everything will be better..

Looks more red in person, it looks a tiny bit like orange in the pics..

lamcdonald said:
Nice, but... are you copying my ideas? :( :p

I'll be posting mine on here soon :) Just haven't got around to it since I re-registered.

yeah i rember your thread from bit-tech, this case did remind me alot of yours. But I am sure that the 2 of you are not the only ones who have done a ferrari case. I think every man on this planet wants a ferrari.

Oh shit lol.. looks really similar to mine, more complicated too.. but no I wasnt copying yours.. never evan heard of yours.. but nice job on it!
Ferrari! BAH! I'd piss in the gas tank of any Ferrari and take a Porsche or a Lotus. Or for that matter lets screw the cars all together and go for a crotch rocket... I am thinking maybe the GSX-1300R, Or maybe the SV-1000s... Yeah. Heaven.

btw, no updates cuz i wanted to wait 48hrs before sanding again and i am leaving to texas (or taxes as my mom would say) on monday so ill be gone for >=month.
slaya said:

btw, no updates cuz i wanted to wait 48hrs before sanding again and i am leaving to texas (or taxes as my mom would say) on monday so ill be gone for >=month.

where abouts in texas? And is your mom refering to taxes being high or just trying to make fun of accent :confused:

im in texas too visiting (Abilene). my month is almost up however, about a week left here. anyway that has nothing to do with you mod which btw looks very nice. i really need some dremel practice.
I've lived in Texas for over 16 years now and have not once heard it pronounced as "Taxes"

I just pronounce it "shithole"

This place is too hot. Cali is so much better :-/

well, except for the earthquakes...
ErrOnReq said:
I've lived in Texas for over 16 years now and have not once heard it pronounced as "Taxes"

I just pronounce it "shithole"

This place is too hot. Cali is so much better :-/

well, except for the earthquakes...

I will take an earthquake over a tornado and hot as hell any day! But the price of living in cali.....texas will do just fine for the time being :D


ps you would have to go up north east to understand that they know absolutly nothing about texas. when i moved down here people actualy thought that everyone still road hoarses everywhere and there were tumble weeds and no paved roads. [shakes]head[/shakes]

Actually, I have never seen a tornado in my 16 years here, but in my 4 years in Cali I was in a small earthquake (very small, but still counts!!!).

The weather here is so bland and boring that every time there is a tiny cloud the news station immediately interrupts the TV programming to tell you that there "might be a chance of slight rain AND POSSIBLY A TORNADO IF CONDITIONS GET WORSE! Look! Notice that yellow spot on the radar? That is the tiny rain cloud that could possibly be followed by a huge F5 twister! We have put out a tornado watch for the following counties..."

Oh, and since when do we not ride horses everywhere? *gallops away*
I use to live right above you guys in Oklahoma. Hot as hell but I liked the Tornado weather (rain felt nice after a hot day :) ) but now I live over in Colorado and it still gets hot as fuck in the summer and I hate all the ice in the winter (I seem to have a phobia of it, lol). Although the best thing has to be that in the winter I leave my window open and cool off my PC. :D
It's about to rain right now. I better go check the tube to see if they put out a tornado watch yet! TAKE COVER! FIND SHELTER! *runs into bathroom and hides in tub*
man when i first moved down here i used to be glued to the weather channel when there was a storm. Now when the tornado alarms go off i go outside and see if one is coming(just like everyone else). One of these days there is going to be an f5 out there :rolleyes: man i wish it would rain over here, it hot as hell outside (why i am putting off working on case).

yeah what he said :p , and your not suppose to be browsing personal web pages at work :rolleyes:


ErrOnReq, dont fret too much He is one of my friends.
JEEVES/whohasmyname? said:
(why i am putting off working on case).

that looks like question to me?
, and na errorq, I am just at work with tons of stuff to do, but some free time here any there, nothing to worrie about just poking some fun. and wanting to go home. :eek:


and good look on the case, if the colors are slightly off, you will kill it.
Glad that was cleared up. I was mistaking ClayDo for the oh-so-common forum troll :p

but it was not a question, he was referring to the heat. The HEAT is "why i am putting of working on case"

"it hot as hell outside (why i am putting off working on case)"
Arizona kicks. You guys should try it. Doesn't get too cold in the winter and as long as you have a swamp cooler or air conditioner you will be fine in the summer. Although when the monsoons come around all of a sudden it is hot and humid for a couple of hours a day. The rain is fun too. A couple of years ago we got enough rain to fill up the pond, that is right around the corner on our dirt road, past its brim. It was awesome. You could walk out on my porch and not see a foot off of it.

Looks good man.
IMO the better the paint comes out (matching ferarri red and yellow) the better the mod will be. I want super shiny better than a mirror looks like a 2,000 paint job :D
an Enzo would kill and bike ( or car ) the best car on the world ( race car ) is the new f-2004
go ferrari!!!!!!!!!!! :D