[Project] F.R.A.M.E

Nicely done! Didn't even know there was such a thing as PCIe riser/extension cables, certainly adds some freedom to cool designs like this.
Build is amazing. Too bad about the state of "wired" tech we currently live with, though. All that awesomeness and we still have a rat's nest of wires hanging off the back of our desks..LOL
Now if only I could tackle your cable management issues... :D

Awesome job man. Truly inspiring work that really makes me want to do this.
yeah! i didnt know either until i seen show4pro's build!

they are wharfedale diamond 10.7s in the front, 10.CM in the center and 10.1's at the back!

:D thanks
Been using them since 2009

Hey guys! i will be starting a new build after August! code named "Mirrors Edge" ;) cant wait to show you guys what i have planned!!