Project: Ego


Jan 14, 2001
June 3rd, 2004: Materials

Got some of the major materials for my case project.

-3ft x 4ft sheet of acrylic
-6ft of L-shaped aluminum
-two sawhorses (I ran out of work tables. This seemed like a good solution)
-four clamps

I already have all tools needed, except for some dremel rotary bits.

I still need to pick up extra glue for my glue gun and a couple other very minor things.

June 6th, 2004: The Plan

I've never put a whole lot of stock in the importance of cases. If a case had plenty of expansion bays, a removeable motherboard tray and wasn't razor sharp it was good enough for current case , an ugly holdover from a K6-2, meets these requirements easily enough.

But it's summer time. Classes are done, my friends are either out of town or working most of the day, and I only work nights and sundays. Lots of time to waste and I need a project to waste it on.

Here's what I want to do with this case:

-I want it to be shiny. I love shiny things.
-I want it to look slick and professional. I want it to look as much at home on the desk of a professor as on the desk of a gaming enthusiast. No overabundance of glowing lights, no glowing water reservoirs, and subtle (if any) artistic flourishes.
-I want the motherboard side of the case to open up the same way the original blue macintosh G3's did, so the motherboard is easily accessible without removing a tray.
-I want it to be a decent bit smaller than my current 19" ATX case, but still contain a full-sized PSU, at least two 3.5" bays and at least two 5.25" bays.
-I want it to be quite 'stealthed'.

Pictures and updates will follow as soon as I start work.

nifty, i knew i knew you from somewhere from the screen pic
PA forums whoo

good luck on your case man!
thevampirelord66 said:
sounds fun now pick a case and start modding.

Sorry, the start is happening slow --I don't want to just post pictures of some cut panels I've cut and parts I've got ready, and that's all I have since I had to start rebuilding my deck (rotted :| ) right after I started this project ;).

As soon as I have enough done that pictures will give an idea of what's going to happen, I'll post.

pix, cool, it's a good mouse ;).