Project: Doom 3

linky no worky?

i really wanted to see these pics too.

i like the case so far, good luck with the rest of it!
ok fixed the pics....that's the good news....the bad news.....the pump has a small leak which i can easily fix and my eVGA 6800GT was DOA, so i sent it back....hopefully i'll get it within a reasonable time from have an idea how long their RMA process is?

I've got pics of the panel's
Power supply detail's
2 new Vantec fans....(super duper quite, you should get some)
More painting done
NB fan
















I've done some milliputty work (in tribute to the_mashie), but not as much. I didn't want to go overboard with it (not that mashie did); but in my project i think it can make it look to much. I dont think im going to make my "growth" shinny but im still yet to decide. Minor work remains on the inside and now just mainly the panels...i still have to rivot some more of the outside panels and etc...

For the going to use classic plexiglass but im going to paint the windows as if they were out of the game. You know, how some of them look like they have been stained by water and "gludge" or "sewage," i think this will help mimic the game even more. You will still be able to see inside with no problem, just some dirtyness.

Still have a floppy drive to finish, and i have yet to begin work on what i think is the feature part of my water cooling loop....the reservoir....Its going to have metal rivoted brackets around the corners and will also be painted "dirty & bloody" with some slight milly putty work.
Pretty cool. :eek: I really like those fan guards your using, where did you find them? I really love that res, it just looks so cool.
I actually got them locally from a store called Suncoast computers here in Pensacola. I felt they just matched my case and "theme" the best.
Looks great so far. Glad you survived all the "weather." Does painting the heatercore hinder performance any? I'm not sure if I'm going to paint mine since it will be hidden in my external WC box.

Won't the rivets in the Alu 90* bend rod make it diffucult to attach to the res? I still think you and I have the coolest DIY reserviors ever made.
The rivots im going to use for the 90* bend around the reservoir will still protrude behind the metal yes....but not after i dremel them off. Once they are gone the rivot will have expanded enough that when i trim off the excess it will be flat. The radiator is fine also, deep down it probally does hender the cooling a very minute bit, but not enough to make a difference for me. I swapped my dual 120mm helicopter fans (very loud) from 12v to 5v plug off the molex and now i can't even hear my radiator fan(s). Nor the case fans (vantec stealths). The lloudest fan is the tiny NB fan now and that's pretty quiet already.


...and don't think......we DO. (you = #1, im just your humble follower)
gclg2000 said:
I actually got them locally from a store called Suncoast computers here in Pensacola. I felt they just matched my case and "theme" the best.
I was afraid of that, I'll have to look around here for something similar then since those look just so spiffy. :D
Ok, if you can't find any. They are just down the road from my work. I'd ship you some since your so cool. (?as cool as the case though?)
Thanks, let me look around and try and find something workable, if not then I'll remember your offer. :)
Just looking through this again and I happened to never noticed the fans the first time. Those are awesome, looks like some one took a nose dive into them. :eek:
Any idea as to when we'll get to see more pics??? I think you're overdue.... :D
Thank you for the intrest in my thread guys...recently i have been overwhelmed with so much school work it should be Federally Ammended a felony. That in combination with some local volunteering for the Presidential Race [ ;) ]...i haven't been able to work on the case. I've got to get a new pump and i'm going to finish the panels tommorow sometime for the exterior. I'll get something up ASAP folks.
If you can paint the motherboard and PCI card backplanes...they stick out like a sore thumb
OK guys, not really a update on the case mod......but i did update my CPU ram.

Anyone like some Mushkin PC-3500 level II bh-5 ???? I know i do, this is my first bh5 and i "guess" i like it. 250 Mhz 1:1 @ 2-2-2-5 timings will do i suppose, with a OCZ DDr voltage booster at least.... :rolleyes:

Now, if i could just get this damn 2.4c to run at 3.75 GHz @ 1:1 ratio, instead of 3.0GHz 1:1 or 3.4 GHz 5:4 i would be real happy. Gonna start looking around for a 3.0 that can do 3.8, until then, i'll be back on this case mod.