Project Cars 3


Aug 28, 2008
It is getting a bit panned on reviews.
So how is the VR? Is it an improvement? I am thinking it should be as it would have been designed from the ground up? No?
I personally found PC2 very good with VR. A really good piece of software IMO.
Well, at least it sounds like "Like Forza, but supports VR" so filthy casuals who like VR, like me, still have reason to check it out...

I definitely want to try something that's a good high-end seated VR experience once I get the Reverb G2 (I'll probably stick with my wireless Vive Pro for roomscale stuff)
If it is like Forza (as in the standard series, not Horizon) then I do not mind. Forza series is pretty realistic. Not as hardcore as Project Cars was but realistic enough to feel believable with a nice wheel and pedals. Horizons however are a bit too arcadey (last time I checked) for my tastes and pure arcade racers like Test Drive or NFS are definetly not my kind of games. 🤔
in the video, they likened it to Grid. I have that but dont play it. Kid is into NFS and Forza. Trying to get a wheel to get them used to "driving".
I might try it, wasn't super impressed with Project Cars 2 but I do like me some Forza Horizon 4.