Project: Betty Blow.


Sep 17, 2002
Everlan is coming up and Detn8r has won too many case mod competitions. Ive got two weeks and most of my daytime hours are free so I'm going to give him a run for his money. This case has gone through an extreme number of changes on paper until I've settled on this current design. Here is the list of objectives:

1. Finish front (bondo and sanded, ready for paint.)
2. Mount blanking plate on backside and drill for fans.
3. Mount all six (!) 120 mm fans.
4. Hinge doors.
5. Place mounts for hardware (mobo tray, cdrom mount, etc).
6. Cover pinup in acrylic.
7. Mount acrylic with leds.
8. Run wiring (includes sleeves).
9. Create plate for cable extensions.
10. Handle in top (?) I may not do this as it would ruin the lines of the case.
11. Sleeve external cables
12. Keyboard mod
13. Paint MX510 mouse if time permits.
14. Paint monitor (pinup decal?)

I like simple clean lines. The one part of the computer that annoys me the most is the panel for all of the jacks. Its ugly. Its awkward because its behind the system. So, one of the big mods to this case is to relocate the connection panel to the front, but to do so in a way that cleans it up and even hides it when the system is in transit. Real stealth baby! In addition to this I am mounting the mobo tray on one of the doors and hinging it so that the door will swing out, along with all of the hardware.

Lastly, since I no longer have a connection panel in the back getting in the way, why not fill the front and back panels with 3 each (thats six total) 120mm fans for a nice cooling wind tunnel effect?

Oh, and I want the external components to match.

So, I've already started on this in a few minutes.
The case is a no name brand that I like. Nothing fancy. Oh, and I just happen to have two of them. Here is the case before I approached it with tools in hand.


I actually started hacking on this thing months ago, but never completed it. Here is the front after my first attack:


Thats one of the fans sitting next to it. Metal bladed industrial quality fans. Yes, boys and girls, this one will draw blood if you get to friendly with it. Oh, did I mention that Im not using any fan guards. ;)

Lets have a better look. The color will be changing. I'm thinking a nice metallic red...should hide the blood a bit better.


Well, I like the front of this case because of the sexy little curve that it much that I don't want the curve to end. The DVD burner won't be located on the front, so lets just get rid of the upper half and mirror the lower half.


A little JB Weld and bondo added to the mix:


Im really learning to love bondo. Its great stuff, and easy to work with. However, when the instructions say "hardens in 4 minutes" you better be ready in 3.5 . Note the excess hardened bondo.

And then there were three:


Note the very sexy lines:


Speaking of sexy!


Yes, she is going on the case, mounted behind acrylic and mirrored onto each side. You will also note that she embodies the three colors of this mod. Red, Black and White.

more to come...
Ok, the third and final post for this evening. The following pics aren't really needed, but I'm bored and stuck here at work for another four hours.

When I work in my shop, I tend to make a bit of a mess. Is it any wonder the wife avoids it at all cost?


While the bondo and JB Weld dries I move over the metal work that needs to be done. This is the frame...or part of it. The top is laying on the floor over there...and the front part of the frame...well, the bondo'd up front is laying on top of it.

I'm niching the back panel so that the hinges can go in...hidden hinges, of course.



Whoops, I completely forgot to give credit where credit is due. The toon comes from . An excellent site run by an excellent artist. He was gracious enough to give me permission to use his art in my mod, so long as I wasn't selling it. Check him out! The girl in my av comes from his site as well.

I accomplished more today...I have the two acrylic pieces cut out that are covering Betty up but failed to take a pic of them. Once I lay the image in place and attach the backing acrylic to it I will post a pic. I will do that tomorrow, as well as get the LED's wired up to at least one of them.

Final pic, non-mod related. We traveled to Kansas for the fourth and on the way back crossed path's with a wicked little storm on the Colorado/Kansas border. A bunch of storm chasers were watching this wall. I wonder if it spawned any tornado's for them?

Looking realy good, And your post was actualy prety entertaining to read. Had me laughing in a few places. Just one question, how well is the jb weld holding? every time i tried to use it on plastic it didnt hold worth a damn. In my project (black lightning) i actualy used some plastic weld epoxy i found in home depote that literaly melted the plastic together.

JEEVES: Its holding tight. Now, I haven't tried to jump up and down on it or anything yet. Where I joined the two face plates I have two large popsicle sticks. I dipped them in the JB on each end and slapped them into place. Its ugly as hell back there, but who cares?

The tubes were a tight pressure fit to begin with, so with the JB on there as well they aren't going anywhere. I'm gonna try to use the JB to hold the screws for the hinges. Thats going to be the real test. If they hold then I won't have any visible screws on the outside. Fingers crossed!

Scott: Someone on Bit-tech has the same case as well. For the life of me I can't remember where I got the first one, the second one came from an electronics wharehouse here in Colorado Springs. Seems the market was flooded with them at some point...
I'm interested in seeing what this thing turns into. Also, I'd never seen that site before, but that is some amazing stuff. This is definitely one I'd like to follow.
Minor update. I don't have pictures because my Canon Powershot G2 decided its not going to open its shutter today. It's in the shop for a free estimate. :mad:

In other news: Spent some time shopping Lowes today. Betty is going to be mounted on the sides in such a way that she will be flush with the side of the case...but with out the use of any visible holding mechanismismism, thingyabob, etc. No trim on the hole either.

So I looked around for some inspiration.

I ended up not buying anything, thanks to the wife emptying the checking account.

Without telling me.

Ever had a card denied at the checkout? Yeah, I hate that feeling too.

So my modding bits and pieces stayed behind while I walked my embarrassed ass out the door.

I'm going back tomorrow for the 1.5 inch angled aluminum and a couple pieces of sheet metal. Neither of which will be used to mount Betty.

Whoever said necessity is the mother of invention must have been poor.

Anyway, my solution, while ugly as hell, works. Its going to be hidden, so who cares what it looks like.

When I left my shop today I have one complete mounting system for one of the Betty's, a Betty shaped hole in one side panel, smoothed, and a body putty filled handle in that same door. A little bit of sanding tomorrow and the door should be ready for hinges.

Oh, and the project is now called Betty Blow. Because of the pinup and the six blowing 120mm fans. Git your mind outta the gutter.
I love that guy's work. First saw it in one of Bonz's mods. Can't wait to see more of the case.