Project Amphitrite - A fully submerged, oil cooled enclousure


Jan 25, 2017

About this project:
About 3 years ago, when I'm planning on my latest build, I saw Linus video on Puget Systems' mATX mineral oil PC kit. I was stun by how beautiful it is compare to other DIY project that are using after-market aquariums. Sadly when I'm going to purchase the kit it was taken down by patent trolls and are no longer available for sale. I then went for a normal water cooled build using INWIN 901.
3 years later, I'm planning on a new build again. I went for Josh's S4 mini because of it size and stunning design, but the idea of building a fully submerged, oil cooled pc slipped into my mind again. Since there isn't any kit available on market, I decided to start from scrap and design one myself. So here comes Project Amphitrite.

Project Amphitrite is still in design state and this thread will be a work log/journal for it. :D I hope you guys will like it, and I will be receptive to criticism and open to feedback!
Hi, have you started making your oil cooled pc.

I am thinking about it myself.
How ever seems like I'm struggling like you. Carnt find any kits. Plus been in uk is even harder.

I'm planning on using a massive 110 liter tank


Corasir formula z a board
Amd fx 9590
2100mz ddr3 corasir vengeance
1000i corsair power supply
240ssd Kingston savage
Amd r9 290x. times 2. Crossfire

Cunrantly have this overclocked to 5.5ghz in a corair 900d case.

I'm really happy with my build and the way it looks. but I have always wanted to create my own oiled pc. And as i have a 1800x ryzan pc. I don't mind doing this project .

Would love to submerge it with a pretty big radiator that could hold 6 fans mins pumping oil around. Keeping oil cool.

If you have any websites fir oil and good idea for mothboard mount and other parts would love input.