Problem with Forums, new as of today, anyone else?

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Oct 29, 2000
Hey everyone,

I have a new problem as of today.

Specs: 64bit Linux
Browser: Firefox 106.03

Suddenly and intermittently some pages on the forum think I am not logged in, but when I go to click "log in" it says I am already logged in.


Also, in the rare case where it actually acknowledges me being logged in, if I try to add an attachment I get a "security error".


This appears to be only on the desktop. Works fine on my phone (From which I finished this post)

Is anyone else having issues?

It might just be cloudflare pissed off at my VPN IP address again, but my phone is on the same network existing to the WAN over the same VPN, so that seem unlikely (unless cloudflare treats mobile and desktop differently)

Appreciate any comments either way if anyone else is or isnt having problems with my same browser/OS config!
its just you. reset your browser/clear the cache/whatever its called...
edit: maybe ts FF. what it you asking about it having other issues this week? edit2: nope, it wasnt you.
Not open for further replies.