Prebuilt systems?


Sep 25, 2004

I haven't had a WC rig in about 3 years but I'm thinking of going back. I remember when ambient temps were high that the WC wasn't extremely efficient so I'm looking at doing something a little more exotic. As I get busier in life I still have the same hobby interests but less time to do them so I'm looking at getting a pre-built enclosure that does everything I need. Here's what I want

  1. A complete pre-built system
  2. Better cooling, with liquid, for my Core i7 than my U120E can offer
  3. sufficient cooling power to cool my two GTX 280's. Nothing extreme on the cards, I just don't want to hear them anymore
  4. A quiet system!
  5. Something that will last me through several generations of hardware.

So far the only thing close I can find is this CoolIT rig here. I think it goes for about $1000 which is okay but I'm not sure the small cooling unit is sufficient for 2 big GPUs and a CPU.

Anybody know of anything better? I'm less concerned with cost than I am meeting all my requirements.



Jul 20, 2004
I wouldn't really go with a prebuilt system. If you know how to build. If you're looking for something more exotic, there are phase units that are pre built in cases, but again, I wouldn't really call that exotic either. Some of the guys here are actually disassembling wall mounted a/c units and reworking them for their computers. If you aren't good with a/c welding and have access to tube cutters and benders, it's quite difficult.

That being said, I'm in the middle of a build using a case. I'm using a core i7 and watercooling. Case wise, this company is putting out great stuff. I went with a Pinnacle 18, I'm not a heavy GPU guy, just a single 9600GT at the moment, but if you're cooling dual GTX 280s you'd better check out a UFO case that can accomodate dual triple rads (1 for the CPU, 1 for the 2 GPUs). At first I was thrown off with the prices, but then I thought carefully about how much time I could save by using one of their cases. When I received this case, it had no flashy marketing stuff, just quality parts in a cardboard box. The mountian mods case panels are 2-3 millimeters thick, and I can imagine keeping this case for at least a couple more generations.