Pre-Built Computers


Jun 6, 2005
Hey guys, I'm trying to help my friend out with getting a new computer. He wants to buy a completely built computer for around 700-900 dollars. Is there any site in particular that you guys know of that sells built gaming systems?

You could get a Dell 4600/4700/whatever they call that computer now and put a better video card in it. You could also try Alienware. I don't know if they have any computers in your price range though. You could try ibuypower, but they have a 6/10 rating on reseller ratings, so it's up to you...
Maybe get a computer from bestbuy my friend got a decent emachine there.
IBuyPower uses crap power supplies with crap cases with crap cooling. That's pretty much it.

KoZLop said:
Maybe get a computer from bestbuy my friend got a decent emachine there.

Gateway has some decent retail machines for around that price, as does E-Machines. Which of course are now the same company. However the brands are kept seperate.
Sir-Fragalot said:
Gateway has some decent retail machines for around that price, as does E-Machines. Which of course are now the same company. However the brands are kept seperate.

Didn't know that. Maybe the quality on E-Machines will pick up a bit then.
My mom had bought an emachine for $250 4 years ago from compusa and it still runs 24 7 till this day!!!

absolutely no problems at all. :)
Save money and get a Dell with a 6800 and 1GB of RAM and a decent processor. Don't waste your money on garbage that will break in a year.
eMachines aren't all that bad. Personally, I've been using one almost constantly as a server since November of 2005 and my friend has been using one for as a desktop since November of 2004. Neither one has ever had any problems whatsoever... From what I've heard, eMachines has already been getting better.

Going with a Dell certainly wouldn't be a bad idea, especially if you can grab one when they have one of their nice coupon deals going on.
On lower end systems dell has great deals and rebates. It'll save you a lot of money. You can always stick in a better videocard... that's really the only difference between a "gaming" machine and a normal one.
I'll Reccomend an e-Machine over an HP or Compaq anyday. 100x better built and better laid out inside. IMHO They were rock solid back in their Celly 366 days.
those dell machines that run 3-400bucks are sweet minus the VC. If i went anywhere, that particular machine is quality, server based and an excellent choice for the novice user/
Hello: here's a small company that will work with you to build whatever you want. Honestly very nice folks that will talk to you over the phone and not pressure you into anything. Their website has some suggestions, but you can pick and choose from a good selection. Please go to ( i do not work for them. I have ordered alot from them and am very satisfied.) good luck. :D I also have an Emachine 2.8 celeron that has been quite reliable and nicely built. Good for internet, not a gamer tho.
yeah sure since he is a gamer DELL has some gaming computers(i have heard that they are pretty good) i think im not totaly sure about the price. And i was looking on ALienware yesterday(entering to win a free computer) and i saw a pretty good computer and then price was somewhere around $800-850. I'm not sure and i also saw one around $900. This isnt a slam at HP or anything but before i was smart enough to build my own computer i had a HP..Was the worst PC ever know to man i swear.Now even thouhg it sounds like a slam its not cause i have heard that HP does make really good computers. Anyways have fun with whatever he gets
I have owned a HP computer in the past and it served me well for along time, never ran into a problem I couldn't get out of due to the manual and stuff, as well as it having exclelent restore tools.
I've had 3 in our family (not me... mine's a custom AMD jobby). But the HP's we've had have all been just fine. No problems, and very quiet. Just my 2 cents.
If you know how to fix computers go for ibuypower. I got one at the start of college, though the power supply did die (after two years), i was able to replace it, and i do agree that the cases look like shit. I got this chieftec dragon nockoff with a door that looked like shit, glowing z??? (why a z who knows), but this was easiy remedied by the removal of a door, now it looks like a black chieftec dragon with the door removed. In fact that was one of the messups on my order, i ordered just the standard black case, and they made my pc with this behemoth glowing monster, but they credited my account, so all is well. Though, part wise, i have not had problems (aside from the psu). In fact, there was a second mix up in my order and i got a 9800 pro when infact i ordered and payed for a 9800np, so i was happy. Been happy with my pc so far though i have upgraded it since i got it, but if you are looking for customer support do not get ibuypower. I have heard bad things about it. My friend also got an ibuypower pc and his graphics card kept crapping out on him, they kept sending replacements and he finally just bought a 9800 pro on his own, and that solved the problem. It has been like 3 years since i have got my pc so, who knows maybe they have changed.