Power/volume control for Soundblaster 4.1 system

Jan 25, 2021
Creative SBS 4.1 450 speaker system. Power/Volume control worn. Major static and channels dropping out/in during volume adjustment. Looking for a good, used control unit. Yeah, it's dinosaur, but so am I. I have yet to hear ANY system that can surpass the separation. The bass can still give me arrhythmia and the treble put needles in my ears.
If you don't have anything to spray, and can't find a replacement control unit, just moving the knobs back and forth all the way (with the system off) a bunch of times (maybe 20-30?) should help for a while. Old pots get like this though. If you're handy with a soldering iron, and Creative Labs made it reasonable to get to, it could be pretty easy to replace with a new part from digi-key or whoever.