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For anyone running a high core count (6+ cores) Ryzen CPU & a Radeon VII GPU in the NCASE M1, what are you doing to cool it all & what temps are you seeing...?

I am hoping Alphacool comes out with a version of their hybrid water block for the Radeon VII, thoughts on cooling with a single 240mm radiator (30mm or 45mm thick)...?!?


Very nice! I've always wanted a Streacom BC1 (or BC1 mini) test bench--just too expensive for me. :(

Here are some photos of the workstation and the entire house that I´ve been developing since I was eighteen years old, I´d like to share some of the projects and knowledge about green energy and sustainability.

I tried to capture the house exactly how it looks when you arrive and get into to, is a little dark because is a man cave I took maybe 10 shots to make one photo and was pretty hard to capture the vision that we have when you sit to play something or watch a movie.

I have two setups, the first one is for gaming, movie and work, the second one is for watch movies with friends and family. The entire house is powered by green energy, I have one sun water heater for the hot water, all the house were made using recycle parts from another houses / company's. I will try to list everything that I have here, some people think that the house is not real because looks like one store or playland, the truth is that neverland from MJ was my inspiration and I´m not even close of that...haha The house has automation for everything, I can turn on the lights, music, movie, the kitchen and even control the pressure of the water, the temp and the flow.

The room and the office are jumped together with cables from outside of the house, so If you want to play games in setup 2 you just need to change the monitor and audio setup. If you want to watch some movie in setup 1 from setup 2, you just have to change the entry in Denon receiver, all the house is connected together and working as it should after long years of test and programming. In the setup 1 if you want to play using TV you just need to change to monitor 2, if you want to use the headphones just change the audio output for Razer board, if you want to play using headphone in setup 1 with cockpit you just need to grab the second Razer Tiamat and plug in the Sony receiver.

I´m so sorry for the bad quality of some photos, I had to use my cellphone because my lens could not take the photo so close. maybe I will do one update when I get one canon 10/22 mm. Me and my friends use to do some lan parties over here, there is one video of us doing one stress test with Asus and the ISP. Since everything in the house has one IP and access to the internet, the 400 / 200 ISP link sometimes is less for what the house want, right now the Asus is showing me 5 / 6 TB of traffic peer month, crazy right?

Some shots:


This is the electric panel of the house, everything were made by hand and with Siemens products for best quality, I use one sand fuse for setup 1 and another one for setup 2, that´s filter the noise from power surge and delivery clean energy for the entire house, also it has DPS for rain lighting protection, two grounds, even for the cable TV and telephone line, all the receptacles are hospital grade, kitchen receptacles are waterproof.

Smappee product





With the red Acer laptop that I use to work ( I left it plugged in the table because is more fast and easy to get out and get in when I need to do some fast jobs/projects with customers ).


laptop closed.


Panoramic view



This is how I use the system, almost with all the lights off and just some little blue and warm light to keep the climate of men´s cave.


The second monitor for play games or watch movies / Chromecast videos ( smart TV ).



Couch mode



Cockpit mode


The couch get´s out of the room and I install the cockpit for play some games on tv, we can use the 7.1 home theater or the Razer Tiamat 7.1 if there´s someone in the same room using another computer / arcade and we don´t want to disturber or make so much noise.

This is the back view of the couch / cockpit setup with surround speakers



This is an old project that I´ve made in the past, it uses one computer inside with Hyperspin and almost 500 GB of games and emulators, built in speakers and one original CRT tube from 1990, also one coin selector that works with 25 cents.





The entry view of the house with arcade in the background and kitchen / cinema room.



This is the setup 2, the photo looks like a little ''dead'' and with no life because of the poor lighting, sometimes is hard to take one shot of some place that is dark almost 90% of the time like one movie theater.



Close up with all the spikes for and bases for isolation/vibration


This is the back view of the room / kitchen, the kitchen were made with old bricks from 1960, it has automation in lights, kitchen appliances and food garbage disposal, also it uses one Nest protect v2 to monitoring all the activity of the place.



The gas burner that I did, less space = creativity to solve the problem.






I can take more photos of the green power station and house, but I think this is not the focus of this topic and forum.
I hope you like my hard work,

Here is the list for setup 1:

Samsung 52' Lcd Series 6 FullHD.
Monitor Benq XL24t 3D Vision2 Nvidia.
Pioneer 212D.
Pioneer BDR-206BK.
Razer BlackWindow Ultimate Keyboard
Razer DeathVadder Mouse.
3d Vision 2 Nvidia Kit.
Western Digital 4TB External Hard Drive.
Palm TX for house automation.
ASUS AC68U Plus TPLINK 8 Ports Switch.
Internet Speed -> ONT Vivo Fibra 400/170 mb
Wirelles Xbox360 Kit.
Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p HD Webcam
Logitech G25 Racing Wheel / Cockpit
WDTV Live G3.
Chromecast 2
Receptacles Hubbell Hospital Grade / Leviton.
APC Power Surge Filters.
Headphone Razer Tiamat 7.1 x 2 + USB Offboard sound 7.1 Vantec.
Laptop Acer 5100 - Zmodo HD Surveilance System.
Laptop Samsung - Server + 10TB in Sabrent USB 3.0 to SATA External.
Laptop Acer E5 - I use to work almost everyday and this stay in the table until I have to grab and get out every morning.
Lacrosse Weather Station model 330-2315 Professional Weather Station
The table was made by me, is an old door of one cabinet with acrylic supports, the entire house were made using stainless steel screws.


Asus Maximus formula x38
Quad Q6600
8GB OCZ Reaper DDR2 1066Mhz
Gtx770 Zotac
Zalman Fan Controler
OCZ SteathSteam 600watts
Corsair H50 Hydro Series
SanDisk SSD PLUS 480GB Solid State Drive
Wester Digital 1TB internal Hard drive
ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 Slim 24-bit Stereo PCI Low Profile

Arcade Machine:

I used one old cabinet from a local store.
There´s a computer inside with 500GB of games.
I use Hyperspin for emulation.
There is light buttons for player 1 and 2 and one coin selector that works with 25cents of dollar =]
Over here you dont have to buy the coins, I can gave it for free.

Sound and Speakers

Home Theater 7.2 Sony Model DAV-DZ77T.
Speakers Pedestal all made by me with acrylic and old parts from music stores.

Cables and Accessories.

Hdmi Blue Jeans,
Audio - Monster Optic and Coaxial.
Signal Power Cable.
RCA Sthaca ( By Thalles ).
Belden Power Cable.
Sthaca / RCA Din.
Spikes ViaBlue / in speakers.

Here is the setup 2 / Room:

Projector Optoma HD25.
3d Vision 2 Nvidia.
HD 6TB MyBook Essential Western Digital.
Palm TX / Palm T5
Harmony Ultimate HUB.
Router ASUS AC68 ( AP MODE )
WDTV Live G3.
Blu Ray Player BDP-S590.
Receptacles Hubbell 8300.
APC power surge.
DIY Home Made Projector Screen 106''.
Electric Curtains.
Lights Lutron Maestro.
Nest Home Protect V2
Harmony Ultimate Control.

Sound and Speakers

Receiver Denon 3312.

Front Speakers - Klipsch F-2 Synergy.
Center - Klipsch Synergy C-3.
Surrounds - Klipsch B-2 Synergy.
Subwoofer - Sunfire True Signature Series TS-EQ12
ELG Speakers Support.

Cables and Accessories

Hdmi Blue Jeans.
Audio - Blue Jeans Optic and Coaxial.
RCA Sthaca DIY.
Belden Power Cable DIY.
Sthaca / RCA Din DIY.
Spikes DIY / Viablue.

thanks guys

Here are some photos of the workstation and the entire house that I´ve been developing since I was eighteen years old

Fascinating. Your place has a custom touch to it that comes through clearly. What kind of green energy are you utilizing?
Fascinating. Your place has a custom touch to it that comes through clearly. What kind of green energy are you utilizing?


I have a vacuum tube water heater and some appliances that cut the energy to save money, like APC and smappee
Apologize for the potato quality pics. I need better lighting in here. I do prefer it a bat cave though. lol Almost all the systems are hooked up and playable. I am bout to replace the crappy triple 24's with some decent 1080 gaming monitors.

(Ignore the cord under the desk, just dumping some files off an old system before giving it to my brother)

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That is one sweet collection of consoles you got there.
I don't know how some of you put up with so much clutter or crap in the way of your main display.
I don't know how some of you put up with so much clutter or crap in the way of your main display.
Admittedly it has taken me some time to get used to it. When I sit upright in the chair the tablets "fit" under the display. If it really bothers me I can collapse one or both so it makes it easy to modify.