Post your workstation 2008 !

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Welcome to the family of happy Galant owners!!!
I've have another Galant setup in my basement for almost a year.. but thanks again. :p (it's in my theater gallery thread if you wanted to see it ---in the HTPC gallery subforum)
SO.. just the shelves was starting to irritate me... i ended up with the best of both worlds.

Rememeber this desk?

and this "desk?"

Well.. here is what i came up with:

Lol, you changed your workstation soooo many times. Hopefully this set up works out for you.
haha, i know, i know... i think this will for... untill i get another monitor.. then ill have to find something new again *sigh*
If you had asked me back in Jan, I would have given you a large list of how pissed I was at the Lachesis mouse, but now that they got the drivers/firmware working right - yes, I am a huge fan. I cant touch a mouse slower than 4000dpi now, it kills me they are so slow :p

I love my headphones, they flat rock in game, music, everything - awesome.

The keyboard - pain in the ass sometimes. It will double type random letters while I type, it is so sensitive, sometimes it will add a letter more than one, makes me really look over what I have typed and retype.

Otherwise - yeah I love Razer gear!

As a fellow razer guy, I know what you're talking about with the keyboard. Mine does that as well.

Randomly it'll double type a letter. It's the onboard memory of the keyboard, not playing nice with Vista I imagine.

Razer really needs to step up to plate with their drivers!
buuilt a new PC yesterday, absolutley pwns my Athlon 64 4000+ and 7600 GT....



Specs are in sig....
Nice rig(s), I posted my non-case rig in the no-comments thread and forget if I'm allowed to also post that here.
yea no comments are allowred in there....that is why you at least shouldn't recieve comments in that thread, but anyways do you ever plan on getting a case? I would hate for that to get stepped on etc... :eek: :D
No worry, rig on rear left corner of my homemade desk, Sony dvd-do-it-all is @ knee height on left side of my desk. I plan on getting Antec 300 or CM 690. 1st pic=a few days until today, 2nd pic is how my setup is now, PSU=500 watt Ultra X-finity since I gave the 600watt Ultra modular and 120mm Ultra fan back to my dad for the Ultra case, for ram cooling I'm using that blue LED 3-speed antec "spot fan" and green fan on top angled @ my NB heatsink has a piece of tape on the HSF side and completely stable. I could hook the green fan wire to a fan header on the other side of the mobo to be cleaner, but right now I don't feel like messing with the spotfan, and noone besides my dad'll be around to tell me to "clean that fan wire up", lol.


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
ahh ok, Most of my friends have teh Antec 900,. I chose against it, due to the fact its way too common now. The Thermaltake Soprano DX is a VERY nice case fro teh $$$ ($119) and have found no flaws except hte mobo tray isn't removable. but that is very minor and I highly reccommend this case.
Edit: I removed the green fan with it's ghetto-setup, my rig looks a bit cleaner and I'll take a pic in a day or 2.
I took a look @ the Tt DX, not a bad case for $120, I dislike doors. Like you, I also prefer to stick w/ not so common parts, more to buying a certain product(budget) than looks as you can tell by me getting high-end parts and no case yet. My dad would like to upgrade also and he'd probably get the same case as I, so the Antec Three (3) Hundred I found on ebay new for $55 total would be good for when I get $55 or $110 together within 5 days, plus it's not ugly imo. Can hold 2 front fans with 3-5.25" drives and has the PSU in the bottom even though no vent there. Matte Black paint is a plus.
This is my setup...


inside my box...


There is also another rig off camera hooked up to my TV.

Excuse the mess around my desk :D
I dislike doors as well.... but the Tt has solid feeling doors and hinges so I am pretty sure they won't break off anytime soon.

Plus you can lock the door with a key, so it won't fly open on your way to a lan party! :D

my triple monitor setup with dual soyo's and my westy is coming. stay tuned! :).

nice setup ms. jones! is that a big fan on top of your case??
Some of you may remember my workstation from back in the day when I had no money...


Pretty fugly, eh?

So anyway, here is the new model.


Much better!

Up close on the towers...



Oh yea', that's good stuff.

One more...


That's some yummy lookin' guts. If that were a pig I'd make sausage in a heartbeat.
not for me.... I see the pics just fine.... unless you aren't referring to the post above you.....
not for me.... I see the pics just fine.... unless you aren't referring to the post above you.....

he was, they were dead, he's using a dns server to host from home it looks like, computer might have been turned off or something.
Sorry guys, I can't really recall the exact name of the table and bed! I know it's part of some series of furnitures that you can complete.

Here is another shot I took right before I posted this message.

nice looking desktop here is a couple of pictures of my work station


Wire Management Eh some what

My File Server/Backup Pc

and my work Set up
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