Post Your Server Cabinet/Rack/Room Thread

I don't have a server room at college -- I have an 8 port gigabit switch and 3 computers and two 24" monitors jammed into my tiny apartment bedroom. however,
My "server room" where I work is humbly located behind the janitors closet :p and here are some pics!

I'm the IT Admin for a very small department on a college campus. We run a couple fileservers, a web/mail server, and our actual office has about 15 client workstations on Windows XP.
Running FreeBSD on all the servers, and Ubuntu 6.10 on the "monitoring" server (pictured with my workstation below)

these pictures are old -- we just got new workstations and two new servers delivered. I'll post new pictures in a few weeks when everything is installed :D

The job is pretty nice, the hours are very flexible, and it keeps me eating pizza and beer though!

Servers, switch, battery backup:

Another angle of the servers:

My workstation (left) and the cacti/snmp monitoring "server" (right)

extreme HVAC system!:

Updated pic with my new router and the fore switches back in.

From very top, to bottom:
Web Server (laptop)
IDS and Intrusion testing machine
IP Cop Router (dell gx100)
Game Server (Right)
FTP/File & Backup Server (left)

Has anyone ever managed these fore 2000 series switches? (in this case, es-2810, intel express 510t clone)

Ive tried telneting, cant find the default password anywhere, and i cant vt100 over serial either

Would really like to play with some vlan stuff. (the only reason i have 72 ports of ethernet in my house. Well, that and I throw lan parties)
this is sort of covered in the above... unless people have racks and no network