Post your pc screen shots!


For the next month or so.
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two questions:

1) link to walls? I want the one from the login screen as well
2) why would u want that classic start menu? Don't u use windows search? setting up the start menu like that takes away quick access to windows search.
Hello. stop!theradio how did you change your icons, even the ones next to the clock? (in the first desktop screenshot)
Hi, I search for the program in the start menu, right click the shortcut, select properties, then "change icon" on the bottom middle, then I just search for whatever icon I want to use and then pin the shortcut to the taskbar AFTER I make the icon change. As for the tray icons, the method I use involves taking ownership of some system files in the system32 folder and replacing them with custom files. I recently had to roll back my system and I cannot for the life of me figure out just what system tray icon pack I used. I got it from deviantart but I just cannot seem to find it again.

The program icons are called Token by Brsev

My recent one. More clean for you folks here. been a long time since I posted here. need to get back in it.
Thank you. I seen that on google images and I said it fits me perfectly.
just never really cared for the whole q3 series of games, physics are junk imo and to easily tweaked/exploited to enhance skills with a lack of anti cheat. makes it no fun for the casual player

Dude, they are the most fun games on LAN! Seriously. I enjoy a quick round of Quake 3 even to this day!

I see some dude is tripping balls in the last one. "Dude I'm so high right now" :p

lol. Yeah you could pretty much say about most battlefield posters :p