Post your Paintjobs!

Jul 26, 2005
After building a complete computer, it was time for a new case, then so I went out to buy one. So about hours by hour of shopping, I found my case of choice. Went home happy and I put everything in. Few days of scrolling thru "Case Modding Gallery" I saw some sweet mods and paintjobs..So I notice is that the grey interior didn't really look so good, so I've decided to pull out my primer and some good ol' krylon and got working with a friend of mine. Took us about a few hours to complete this job or running back and forth to the retailers. So here's my work




Lets see what you guys got
I helped him do that! Now I'm next in line, I just need to find out what color I'd like to use first. SO let's see them!



definitely not the best because i decided to skip the primer

btw i painted the parts that are black on the case, just to clear up any confusion

but im not using that case anymore :p
an old gx1 anyone?

lol it was getting old so i painted it, upgraded it then i was able to sell it
the monitor was painted also :eek:)
yes its a beast!



I will post my paint job once I get done, I am currently just doing prep/primer/sanding and then my dad's friend is going to shoot it with gloss black base/clear coat automotive grade paint. Hope all this work and weeks without my pc pay off. I am still tossing around the idea to paint the inside, i know it would definately look better.
Here is my paint job. Black lacquer with a clear on top. Took 7 layers and 7 days to complete but well worth it.


Yea... a lot of wet sanding. :)

For real here is what i did. Bought laquer spray paint from autoparts store. Get a primer can also. Then prime the case. Let it cure for 24hrs. Then come back and wetsand it with 2000 grit paper. You will need to get the orange peel off. You will know what i mean once you start wet sanding. You will be able to see the orange peel more clearly. Then clean it off real good. You need to get all the residue off the paint before painting again. Dry off the case. Then when it is dry put a first layer of laquer paint. Let it cure for 24hrs. This is crucial. Dont try rushing this or you will be able to tell. In 24 hrs come back and wet sand with 2000 grit. Repeat the process 4 times with the color you want. Make sure you are getting off the orange peel before going to the next coat. Just be careful you dont sand too much or you will need to start over.

Then repeat the process with the clear. I did 3 layers of clear. On the final coat you will wet sand with 2000 grit paper then what i did was use a car wax to bring out the shine. This came out pretty good. Then i got the bright idea to use novus. I really wasnt sure how it would come out but to my surprise it came out to a mirror finish with it. Use novus 2 to get the finish i got. The novus made a huge difference in the glossiness. That last step is crucial. Novus is made for acrylic but works awesome for paint jobs.
stryder2720 said:
Old System and case
*snip* that the CoolerMaster Hyper 6+ that you have?
Do you guys have a link as to how to paint the inside of your case? I am hearing people letting their primer set in for 24 hours. Where as when I helped watermelons paint his case, we were done in less then 2 hours.



Not perfect, but a helluva job. I must say. This is Duplicolor Metal Speck Blue and what you may not be able to tell in the pictures is the black areas have a blue sparkle to them
Ah I was just curious, my kid brother saw the computer and wanted me to do something around the same lines for him, I just laughed and said "but why its a girls computer ;) ". At that point the converstion changed :D
Tell him to go Kelly Green and white. Still fairly bright, but more manly....somewhat. :D
Fresh form painting I present to you 2 new KICK @$$ WaveMaster Cases.[/B]
#1 SunSet Orange












#2 Color Shifting Purple/Blue













any case you wnat I can get.
but i am reworking out the deals with my partner. so all orders will have to wait a little
while, sorry.

for all of the people who conacted me about buying a case before. please email me again
or message me here so that I can explain everything.
Well here is my project. I have several hours into the paint on it.I have also done Powder coating to some of it. Like the res face and the inside of the case. The pics are kinda crummy and its in my unfinished basement. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo.......Here it is Hope ya all like it!!! Have quite a few pics to post.




Captin Insano said:
You are kidding i hope? lol

The images worked right after you posted them. Now they're beg ole' red X's. Looks like you aint got enough bandwidth.
DUDE!!! those skull feet are fugggin awesome man and the dragon on the top...oh man..i love dragons...SWEEEETT paint job man very original

dude you got a dell....monitor
Awesome work guys! This encourages me to go back to one of my old projects.

Tman, not to be rude, but this is like the 5th thread where you advertise your case services dude. If you and your partner rent a table/booth at local computer expos and really work on getting some big wig exposure, it'll probably be more profitable than multi-forum selling here.
I'm really liking the blue and black them you've got going... Excellent job!
stryder2720 said:
Yep. But it has been replaced by a XP-90.
Tiny said: that the CoolerMaster Hyper 6+ that you have?

Thats not a Hyper 6+, thats the regular Hyper 6. The difference is the 6+ is all Aluminum and the 6 is Copper and Aluminum. The + acutally should be a - becuase what they did was subtract some weight.

Get it for $24.99 at SVC
Yes the feet are polished aluminum shifter handles. I had to set them just right so they would be level and then drilled the tops all the way down and tapped them and then bolted them to the case. The mirral on the side has some dragons in it that cant be seen unless you look at the case in person. But there are 3 draggons in there if ya look close including the large one breathing flames above the volcano. Hope ya guys like.!!!

And yea Its a Dell 19" CRT/Flatscreen. The famed Sony made beast. has great performance and really great look!!