Post Your Mac Setup!


The PowerMac is actually a Hackintosh I put together with some old parts. Using it as a file and media server.
How well does the rMBP power those two huge displays? That is one bad-ass setup!
The picture is a bit misleading. It is only driving the 30". My desktop also drives the 30" and the 20" in portrait next to it and the monitor's input switch is used to toggle between the two. The wallpapers are the same for the 30" so it appears that the rMBP is spanning to 2 extra monitors.

Anyway it performs pretty well. I am sure it can drive all 3 + more if need be.
Those 27 inch imacs provokes me to part out my gaming rig and just go sleek and sophisticated. Its like going from a riced out honda to a 5 series bmw.
May I ask where you got that city poster?

Thanks in advance.

I think it's from Ikea. I've considered getting one and mounting some LEDs behind some of the light points in the picture, but I don't currently have the wall space for it.
I recently got this iPad dock. Makes a big difference.


Not much point showing my mac setup, I'd just be taking a picture of my lap with a macbook on it...
Not entirely mac but I use them...All the heavy lifting is done with my Dual CPU Win7 Pro machine.

Man Mini Server (Late 2012)
Mac Mini Server (Mid 2011) BootCamp running WHS 2011

Prodigy, nice setup! Love all the sport bike stuff. What is the box with the 2line lcd? Is that your WHS box? What are the specs? Thank you...
Thanks. ��

The box next to the mac mini servers is my storage array for the WHS server. It's a DataTale 4 bay RAID enclosure connected via FireWire 800. I have it set up with 4 2Tb drives in RAID 5. Handles all my media streaming as well as my client backups.
DarkProdigy: What's your mouse pad? Never seen anything like it before.

It's the Alupad MP168 from Just Mobile.

I've been looking into a similar audio setup. Which amp did you go with and do you like it?

Also, do you like the speakers?

It's the SDA35-1000 by Scythe. I got it initially to simply have something for now. It does well, but I am in the market for something more upscale that meets my form factor. I'm currently looking at the Teac AH01-S Stereo Amplifier with D/A Converter.

The speakers are awesome. Great sound reproduction with a large soundstage. Hi's and mids are very near audiophile levels. Need a better amp to drive them though.
hahaha, alas no... but Danny Choo is a pretty badass mofo, met him at an anime con last yr... nicest most humble guy around

Cool! Yeah, he seems that way from his site.

Nice setup btw. I'm an OJ guy as well.
It's a 13" rMBP (3GHz i7, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD)

Yes it is Bowtie and the theme is Rolli.
Love the clean look.

Where did you get those Star Wars posters? Me limey.

The Star Wars posters are from here.

A couple warnings about the Star Wars posters... They are normally printed in a larger size, 24x36 (mine are 12x18). Also, these are copies of a limited edition poster that was released in 2010 (FYI, in case anyone has an issue with that).
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