Post Your Connection Speed

You may have got good download speeds in the us, but your pings are terrible!
well Suddenlink Communications delvers what I pay for, ven though its formed a nickname around my town "SuddenUnlink" ...

hahha, that name reminds me of arrested development. love that show.


Cox cable. pretty slow.

Thought about paying the $10 for 30/5 just to see if I can really get close to those. :rolleyes:

Guess a couple hours on a cable modem does make a difference
You'd think my tax dollars would give a bit more than that since I get ripped off.

^^^ Thats my main room inet connection for pr0n.

The following is my inet line for my toilet, all toilets need inet connections, its better than reading a newspaper whilst freeing some turtles :p


My crappy speeds from a crappy isp, that i pay $50 per month for.

This is a old test, right now the upload is 400 but i dont know why and also the connection drops every hour because the crappy WRT54G v5 (dd-wrt v24 beta) that i have right now panics and locks up.
Haha that's some blazing speeds there. They say if your upload speed is faster than your download speed that you are the King of the Internet.

I'm on a freakin role!! It happened again...

God I hate Verizon SO MUCH. They've been throttling EVERYBODY in my area. I'm getting a BLAZING 60kb down on everything and it pisses me off... thats not what we're paying for.