Post Your Connection Speed

Can you run a test on to back that up? Like the first post says, 'verification essential' ;)

Sorry, I would but I no longer have it. Well, I'll have it back later but it's at work. We're getting fiber installed but it's not all the way done yet.
I'm at home, so nothing special:


At school, however:

My wireless box upstairs with my torrents running. I need to get some cables ran up here :(

I dont have an official speed test but this is a download while at my last job


Not too bad I would say :)

we have road runner in Cincinnati Ohio (ISDN) Not quite as fast as DSL, but its paid for through work, so its free.
MediaCom residential with phone service.

Downstream is nice but the upload really sucks ass. I hope they fix that sometime .. .


For some reason, if I used any server nearer to me, I'd get speeds < 100kbs... :confused:
Nothing to brag about, but it works, is wireless, and blankets roughly everywhere I go.

The upload sucks on this one, for some reason. So instead I shall add this test with FTP upload to my server at a datacenter. 20/20Mbit line.
"ftp: 104857600 bytes sent in 46,75 Seconds 2242,94Kbytes/sec"

man this upload is weak. rogers can get really, really annoying - especially their wireless division and how they cripple every cellphone they offer :(
T1 @ school

man this stinks :rolleyes:

Currently have 6mb/2mb Comcast @ home. Gonna be upgrading that to either 20mb/5mb Fios or 15mb/15mb Fios within a month. Can't wait!!

earthlink 5000/384... still pay 42 a month... the lack of competition in fayetteville, NC has stifled the whole market.... there is either embarq... or time warner... that is IT

at work its worse, they're all remote offices connected via vpn to HQ... so encrypted tunnels through crappy 1500/256 dsl would be 'teh suck' add them all together and i'd still only have 30mbps down and 9 or 10 mbps up.... HQ on the other hand... i believe is running on a SONET loop... i should get a buddy of mine to run a speed test :D
I pay for a 14mb connection with shaw cable for $50/month but i have actually clocked up to 26mb up . Anyway my actual tested speeds are listed below:-

i got what i paid for i guess

10mbit cable and 1 mbit up

edit, i take that back

shaws pretty good at non peak times (9:00 AM Sat morning)

edit: WTF?

well Suddenlink Communications delvers what I pay for, ven though its formed a nickname around my town "SuddenUnlink" cuz teh internet willl randomly but frequently just drop out of nowhere, then come right back up, but be gone long enough for you to time out of online games.

8mb down/512Kb up