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I didn't know you could use dual monitors for BF3. :)

Just wondering, do you console game on the monitors as well?
Have pics of that case?

Yes I do -

How do you like the PX5's? I'm seriously considering getting them, but I've heard there are quality issues.

check out this review - (last post)
The headset is solid Im extremely happy with it.
I have used them with PS3/XBOX/PC with true digital sound (optical).
If you plan on using them as an all in one headset this is
the heavy weight champion.

also check out the XP 500.

I didn't know you could use dual monitors for BF3. :)

Just wondering, do you console game on the monitors as well?

25" Asus 1080P Monitors - VGA-DVI-HDMI inputs.

The gaming PC is hooked up DVI to both monitors so I can do dual monitor
or switch to single when Im gaming.
PS3 is hooked up HDMI to the left monitor
Xbox is hooked up HDMI to the right monitor
The media PC (left) is hooked up dual VGA to both monitors.
Media PC is hooked up to the speakers.
Gaming PC/XBOX/PS3 hooked up to optical-switch (below left monitor)
optical switch is hooked up to the PX5's.
Dont ever need to move cables.:D
So while back (page 62) I built a small home theater setup, but never posted the finished product. It turned out well enough, but the house we were in was in a kind of methy neighborhood, so we sold it and bought a new place with a way better place for a theater :cool:.

I promised the wife I'd finish the upstairs, which I mostly have, before starting on the basement, theater, and my office. Well, minus some baseboards, a few outlet covers and some speaker mounts the theater is finished.

Come have a look:

The theater room before it knew what it was supposed to be:

After ripping out the built ins and painting my kitchen cabinets (hence the white floor):

Getting ready to frame:

One wall up:

Both up:

UPS kinda went rough on my projector's shipping box:

First look at the projector and insulation up on the walls:

I forgot to take pictures of the sheetrocking and painting and carpeting process, as well as how I built the screen, but here is the nearly finished product:

First movie screened:

Some Mass Effect 2:

Finished off the night with some Planet Earth:

I'm loving the theater so far. I can't wait to put some football on here or the MLG or GSL finals. Gonna be sweet.

Up next, the office.

It's current form:

What it will be shortly:
very nice! what kind of speakers are you going to have/do you have in the theater? i'd love to have a dedicated theater room.
very nice! what kind of speakers are you going to have/do you have in the theater? i'd love to have a dedicated theater room.

It's just a hodgepodge of different speakers. My front left and right are KLM, my rear left and right are something else my brother gave me, and I don't have a center channel or a sub yet. I'm planning on scouring Craig's list and classifieds for the center channel and sub this week.

I know, I know. It's just that we've spent a lot of money renovating this house, and we've got a baby on the way, so I don't really have the budget (or desire) to run out and buy a really nice setup. I'll probably save like $50 a month for the next 6 to 12 months while researching a good sound system and buy it next Christmas.

Honestly though, the hodgepodge actually sounds pretty good :). Plus, anything is better than the in-TV speakers I've been using for 2 years.
Yeah. I'm fine with it looking worse though. I enjoy playing psx games and the like on the lcd. Those crts are just so damn bulky...I sold almost all of mine over the last few years :D

PS2 looks terrible on an LCD screen...I tried to play on my wide screen TV and it looked faded and the colors looks bland. Bought a 27 inch Sony Trinitron off Kijiji for $50 and with the RGB cable and it looks better than ever. The TV is 100lbs though...but worth the investment as CRT TV's last forever.
our console setups

wife's uber setup with PS3 and XBox on Sony HX800 40" 3D


some accessories


living room PS3 on Sony HX929 55" 3D


my PS3 on Samsung S27A950 27" 3D

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finally got myself a comfy chair. its nothing excessive but It seems allright :p



and HOLY MOTHER OF GAWD!!! Amazing setups. Every time I visit those boards, it amazes me hom many screens can fit on a desk :LOL:
360, PS3 and Wii are in the cabinet... And I hardly ever use any of them, occasionally the 360.

Got a mini tv stand to put on top of my tv stand so my tv isn't sitting on top of my center any more. It was only $34 - a lot cheaper than replacing my current stand :)
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Click on the image to be redirected to the Flickr page with notes on each individual equipment.

Updated the room... Moved the computer desk + iMac that used to be situated in the back to the second bedroom. Moved the love seat from that bedroom to the old computer spot. PS3 and 360 sits under the TV. Moved the center speaker to above the TV using a Center Stage Bracket.

And yes, the copper wire set-up bothers me too. It was a quick set up I did from last year. When I find the time ill be buying a new spool and just run the wires alongside the walls. Really wish I could just drill some holes in the floor and just route it that way, but I'm renting :(

Love it....well done setuP!!!
New Pics...


Sony 40" 240Hz 3D TV w/3D sensor on top
Playstation Eye
Center Channel Polk Audo CS1 Series II
Fronts Polk Audio Monitor60 Series II
Surround 4 x Polk Audio RM 7 Satellite
Subwoofer Powered Sony 100 Watt
3D 7.1 Sony AV Reciever STR-DH810
Playstation Wireless Stereo Headset w/Mic
XBOX Kinect Camera


XBOX 360 Slim 320GB
Playstation 3 120GB
PS3 GH4 Guitar and PS3 Logitech GH Guitar (full wood body)
2) Playstation SharpShooters


Here's my portable xbox 360. Case closes nicely and locks. Can store 3 game cases and 1 controller very nicely inside. Has wifi adapter aswell for hotel gaming lol. Everything fits just perfect, nothing get crushed but its tight enough that nothing slides or moves around. Sorry for the seas. I may have it at work right now since im working night shifts alone (just mabey lol)
Wear did you get those black shelfs with the metal like ends? Also do you sweat alot?

lol I alternate scents every day. I share a bathroom with 3 other people so I tend to keep all my hygiene products in my room. Also it's the Ikea Ekby Bjarnum shelf with brackets. (what the post above me said)
Hey Nick, are you running Plex or XBMC (or something else for that matter)?

Plex on every TV in the house. I used to have XBMC which I still love because it has much more depth and you have access to plugins and nicer skins but the simplicity of Plex is hard to beat.

*When I used to have XBMC with Xperience skin*