Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

Genocidal[v2] said:
I almost have the full nightslayer set, just missing the belt.

Grats man!

I'm still trying to find me a good guild to do end game with, I had one on a different character on a different server, but I'm not having alot of luck on Hellscream. :(
Figured since 1.9 is coming out and I actually look cool now I would post a picture. Full Wrath set except the boots, Nefarian axe and Chromaggus shield.

waz said:
Figured since 1.9 is coming out and I actually look cool now I would post a picture. Full Wrath set except the boots, Nefarian axe and Chromaggus shield.


You are about the only warrior that I know that likes wrath...

CUTMAN from Megaman anyone?
I need 3 more for my NS set, Chest, Pants, and Shoulders... Our raids dont get a lot of NS drops soo..... but all our locks have felheart and back up set of felheart :|
DRJ1014 said:
just wondering what spec you rogues are


I just went daggers

ad. crit ambush 1400
ad. crit backstab 1100

This is mine 21/3/27 Hemorrhage build.


I'm going to respec and get rid of ghostly strike though, it's kinda worthless. And maybe switch imp EA to imp S&D.
Alex41290 said:
You worthless fools and you PvP builds!



Totally PvE spec though, I'll toss up another photo when I get the chance.
PvE spec with Imp expose armor?


In PvE the main tank should be sundering armor and the expose armor overrides the sunders.

Should of put those points in remorseless attacks
Yes but the MT sunders to generate hate so he holds agro more -_-
What would you rather put your points into? Remorseless? Waste as well, at least Imp Expose Armor has some use ;).

I'd like you to tell me how often you get the killing blow on a mob in PvE. Not to be rude or anything, I just don't see the value of Remorseless over Imp Expose.

I do recommend Imp SnD, though. I can build up 5 points before the 5 point SnD wears off. It rocks for long boss fights like in BWL.
In some fights, especially Vael in BWL, improved exposed works better then sunder, and since the MT has infinite rage holding aggro isn't a problem.
I quit months ago but alas I will post a pic of my Hunter. I gave away about 10 gold to random players at the end.. it was GREAT!! I love just doing random acts of


And trusty 'ol DangerDen my spider :D

Looking at all these screenshots makes me want to play again...Gahh this always happens.
said i wouldnt post until i got my full nightslayer



just missing the pants, but who needs them when you have bloodfang =P

kinda old pic now... but exalted with every main class fraction with epic mounts..

wolf, undead steed, raptor and kodo!!! saving up runecloth now for bloodelves mount ;)
Go to an image hosting sight like or and browse to your image file (get this file by pushing Print Screen during gameplay and pasting the image into Paint, then saving the picture), then copy the image code into a post. Or, just look under the FAQ section if you want a better explanation :)
From the dead.. I just started playing not to long ago.

My 50th lvl Warlock

In game:

I also have a 11th lvl Paladin on another server not shown.
If i see another NE rogue i swear.....

Seriously though what is with all the ally on here? I though forum members were older people, like over the age of 14. True this in an immature post, but come on join the [H]ard guild, which is [H]orde.
wespott said:
I'll have my Hand of Rag in a month or so. Just waiting on more ingots...
Even more wrong!

And, here's me when I'm healing...

And when I'm PvPing...
My warlock. Wearing 7/8 Felheart. Also have 2/8 Nemesis, Mana Igniting Cord, Sash of Whispered Secrets, Staff of Dominance (pictured), Sorcerous Dagger and Fire Runed Grimoire. Currently Soul Link specced.


My Rogue. Only wearing the NS Shoulders. That's Eskhandar's Right Claw with Ravenholdt Slicer offhand. Currently Combat Swords.


These are two of the members of the former [H]ard|OCP WoW Guild
TheCowOfNow said:
Former [H]ard guild? what happend?
There were ~20 60's in the [H] guild who merged with Seven Sins to do end game raiding. Right now, it's mostly just alts, except for me, Molokai, our only regular 60 (until I meet Sins' application requirements, and because I'm from [H], I get guaranteed acceptance).

Yes, I'll post a picture soon (last time I showed one was when I was 30, I think), but right now I'm in the process of getting pre-MC gear and generally upgrading my gear that's 10 or more levels old.
Aww thats kinda sad. But thats the way it goes in WoW, either you become hardocre or endgame doesnt work. and once you've hit 60 endgame is all that is appealing. My alt was in [H]ard guild, but yea.
XeRo_Dark said:
lvl 60... u high lvl bastard lol :D :eek: :eek: my main elf hunter is only lvl 25 almost 26.

lol.. it takes me like 4 days to get to level 30, and about /played 10 days to get to 60ish

ive got a few chars.. but ive run out of gametime atm :(

edit: Nice to see some guys with epiczzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, i was getting tired of looking at the level 20-30's