Possible start to a monthly LAN party Northern Colorado

Feb 22, 2016
One of my local game stores (board, card, console games etc) always does events. They host many events ranging from card game tournaments to console game tournaments the like. My favorite was an 18+ only BYOB Cards Against Humanity tournament they did a few times. Since they like to do things like this I was going to go in and speak with them, as I have got to know them since they opened, if they would consider doing a monthly LAN party. If this is something they would be open to doing would this be of interest to those in the area?
  • Would probably cost something along the lines of $10 cover
  • Maybe cover can go to something where we get pizza or something easy to split among people
  • BYOPC - Bring your own PC
  • Start to end time would have to be determined
Possible Games

Starcraft 1 and/or 2
Rocket League

I would love this to be like an old school LAN. If there are other games that would make for good LAN party games for say up to 20 or so people, depending on how many people show interest and actually show up. If you have other thoughts to this let me know. I would like to go talk with them here soon, but I want a good game plan before I go in.

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Old school LAN needs old school LAN games.

Unreal Tournament (any or all of them)
Serious Sam (any or all of them, w/ friendly fire turned ON for the lulz)
Worms (any of them)
BF2 (if you can get at least 16 people or more)