Poor performance in Windows 11 file explorer

Jun 19, 2005
Anyone else noticing poor performance in Windows 11 file explorer?

Please run these tests:

1. Open a folder with a lot of files and move your mouse cursor up and down over those files. Do you get a lot of skipped highlights? Skipped highlights meaning the cursor passes over the files but it doesn't show a highlight as it passes over. It's like the refresh rate of the highlights is extremely slow and can't keep up with the speed of the mouse cursor.

2. Try clicking and dragging in an empty area in the file explorer window. You should get a blue box. Now start making fast circles with your mouse. Does the blue box become extremely slow and unresponsive? Mine doesn't keep up with my mouse cursor at all and straight up freezes at times. Interestingly enough, when I make circles over a list of files, the blue box becomes much more responsive. It's only when I make circles in an empty area that the performance becomes terrible.

Wondering if these are just normal quirks of file explorer?

Running Windows 11 Pro version 21H2 build 22000.1936
nope, its just you. update your os, its way behind, then make sure your gpu drivers are up to date.
Thanks! Had to enable TPM to install the update and file explorer performance is much better, though still not perfect.

Still noticing some other performance issues. I have folders with a lot of large video files and when I attempt to highlight a whole group of them it's very slow. Doesn't happen when highlighting a group of smaller files such as images.

Same deal with just selecting a video file and then pressing and holding the down arrow to quickly jump from one video file to the next. It's very slow. Like it's doing some kind of processing upon selecting a video file.

Oh well, I'm not gonna worry about it. Time for me to stop doing QA.