PNY GeForce 6800 Ultra for $350 at CompUSA!!!

OPUS1 said:
I can't believe the life of this thread!
Principle is one thing but jeez by the time you get your cards they'll be old school

maybe you are right... pci-e will be mainstream... :p

how long will the t.o.t.l. agp card keep up with pci-e?
well the cards that first come out for pci-e most likely wont show any performance boost compared to agp, even tho there is more bandwidth there, the cards just arent using that much now
obyj34 said:
Went to CompUSA, gave me the run-around for a half hour, GT in stock but they will not honor the 30% off with it.

I hate that place...

i just changed the part number on mine and bought one for $280. they didnt even look at me funny.

so i got one Ultra for $350 and one GT for $280 both with raincheck's I obtained in MI
I still havent received a call from CompUSA... The website shows the 6800U in stock at two other local stores...

I will go down today or tomorrow and see if they are holding our cards for us. If not, they better get it soon.
Wow, way to revive a 4 month old thread.

Best deal I've ever gotten, most places still sell it slightly above retail, and I got it in September.