Plugging in ethernet cable crashes computer after windows 11 2h22 update


Dec 19, 2008
I had to unplug ethernet to get update to install. In device manager in network adaptors it's showing up as Realtek PCIe GbE Family controller #2 but its not a pcie adaptor. ethernet is on motherboard. If I disable or uninstall I can plug cable in without crashing computer.
Anything else I can try to get it working again? I tried installing the windows 7 driver from my motherboards website in compatibility mode but I didn't have any luck any way I went about it.
I installed a wireless card that I am able to get online with. Maybe I should just stick with that and leave well enough alone?
but its not a pcie adaptor. ethernet is on motherboard
It depends on how the embedded ethernet is connected to the motherboard chipset. Some embedded ethernet devices may use a PCI Express lane, while others may use a different interface such as USB or SPI1

Would be common to use pcie connection between your on board wifi-ethernet and the chipset

Thanks For replies. I forgot to mention that it's the X58-ud5 system in my sig. I'll see if I can find driver.