Plexi case

Nov 21, 2003
Hi im going to be starting a work log on a plexi-glass case that i would like to build. I have alot of plexi lying around so i decided i should make a case out of it. I want it to be custom etchings along with custom pre-cut fan grills (done myself into the plexi itself). I have a few questions though before i begin. First of all, when connecting the walls of the plexi glass together, what should i use, glue or what? I really dont know. Second, what tool should i use for cutting into the plexi to make the design/custom built in fan grill? an example of what im talking about can be seen here:
I dont wanna jack his idea so im going to be doing all my designs etc. differently. I will definately show you guys as it goes along, but i do want/need these questions answered before i continue. Also any and all advice for putting together this case would be helpful (such as how to make the case sturdier and stronger, anything i should look out for, etc.)
You'll use acrylic epoxy for the sides to get glued together. It is made for building with... And is also the strongest.

For the design/fan grill, the best, cleanest, and easiest way to do it would be with a CNC machine. You'll have to program your design into CAD (or make a sketch and have them convert it to cad, but that will cost ya more) then take it in and show them. Get a few quotes and haggle before you ever bring the plexi in. The whole case, as long as the designs are easy to make, will run $50-$100.

I strongly suggest you lay out the case in CAD before you start. That way you get an exact measurement of the case, and a good layout of what you want...

If you have no experience in CAD, I might be able to lay it out for you, just because I work with CAD all the time. But for that, you'll have to give me measurements, and a sketch of what you want. PM me if you are interested.
is there anything simpler? Like a tool i can grab at the hardware store for under 50 bux to just get those cuts? I mean ill take the time to sand it and stuff, cuz im on a budget big time, i dont really have much cash this is just a fun side thing... I do appreciate the help though, i wish more people were like u out there
well you could always take a dremel and get the etching tool. with this you can etch and if you spend enough time on it cut in some simple built in fan grills. like the ones on your link could be done with a dremel. a dremel at ace hardware will run you about $40. good luck.