Planning for 2020 events


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Jan 29, 2006
So, I wanted to put a discussion behind closed doors but have it here so that others may see it that aren't in Slack. I also don't want it in the open yet as that may attract others to mitigate things early on.

So, what does everyone want the team to focus on event-wise this coming year?
Pentathlon only (most definitely the hardest most stressful event)
PrimeGrid Challenge series
DC-Vault (might be dead dead)
Random events with no set plans
All SETI.Germany events
WCG X-mas race

Create our own? (If you choose this you need an idea and willingness to participate in making it happen)

I wanted this out there to get a feel for what the team would focus on unified. I'm not going to tell people they cannot jump teams to show thanks or support their interests. However, I would like something for the team to focus on as "ours only". I was also thinking of the team agreeing to a single event to turn a blind eye to so that if team members wanted to give thanks, then the rest of the team that didn't want to hop could not worry about focusing team resources on knowing we won't place our best.
I'm in on WCG, PG and Pentathlon in that order. FB I don't have a lot of interest in anymore even i it manages to keep going.
I'm definitely in for PG and WCG events, and for the Pent events I can contribute reasonably to.

FB I'd run sprints, assuming the project has work and it isn't conflicting with a higher priority challenge. I enjoy it for making me try new things, however the options are getting fewer and fewer these days.

I'm also not opposed to supporting another team (such as TAAT) with the lofty goal of unseating one of the large teams. However IF I did it, I would want to do it from start to finish. Switching back and forth usually just results in stress/regret.
I like how the Seti Germany and Primegrid events are properly managed. The websites work, the forums are active, the admins are around.

One event at a time is my preference. If there is a short event that overlaps a month long event, that is OK to me.
The problem with PG challenges is that there are so many they typically overlap something or multiple somethings. So, to do it proper, you have to dedicate to it. If they were a bio project, I would be all about them.

I'm all for Pentathlon, but I know there were several comments this past year about not doing it next year or supporting TAAT this coming year. It would be good to make a solid decision on this one before it gets here and publicly make a statement so that there are no misunderstandings. I personally do not team jump. So, if the team decides to go that route, I will sit out this year.

FB, I don't care for at all and never really have. It was ok when trying to hit the 1 million point milestones because we were already crunching a multitude of projects. However, I have no goals that really overlap with it now. I would help the team in some of them but not all.

DC-Vault is looking grim at the moment.

The Seti.Germany events in general I enjoy. I usually hit those heavy. This past year has just been tough on time for dedicating to DC.

WCG x-mas challenge. This event has gone down hill pretty much every year for a long while now. Everyone (other teams) has pretty well migrated interest to the birthday challenge.

With ChristianVirtual MIA, it looks less likely for an H sponsored challenge unless someone else with some web design skills and interest takes the helm.
Yeah, the PG challenges are getting a bit out of control this fall.
Yeah i agree with the general consensus pretty much. Pent and SG events, Probably not doing FB, Thinking i will focus on Primegrid some but will bail on it for the previously mentioned events
2020 just starts in a few days. So, it looks like the team is interested in the PG series and the SG events. Little interest in DC-Vault as it still hasn't recovered and little to no interest in FB 2020. We also need to get a consensus on who is definitely supporting the team for the Pentathlon, who is supporting others, and who plans to sit it out. Last year left some negative feelings and even lost 2 (maybe 3) teammates because of it. CV still hasn't poked his head in for several months now.
I don't have strong opinions at the moment. I'll be on personal goals/PG challenges for the start of the year, but am certainly interested to hear what others would like to focus on.
So unless the large majority of the team plans to do the Pent i think i will not bother and instead focus on PG and other SG events
I will partake in Pentathlon regardless as I think it really shows who can roll with the strategies best and not just sheer iron attached.
Yeah, I think I will as well. I don't think it conflicts with anything else, and I didn't get really worked up with it last year (just did the best I could with my hardware, within reason). We won't be competing for a top spot I imagine, but with all the "teaming" strategies employed these days that is nearly impossible for a single team anyway.