Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

I don't really like the weird earth-tone monochrome icons and widgets they keep showing. Hopefully that's tweakable...
From what I've read the colors of the icons change to compliment the colors of your wallpaper.
I'm not concerned about the color schemes because I just port my Nova Launcher and Minimale Vintage saved layout to my phone.
I want to see the reviews but it looks like my wife might be getting my current 5a and I upgrade to the 6 so we can both ditch our cracked OP 7 Pro's
I don't really want to have to put another launcher on a Pixel. I might as well buy another OEM's phone or keep my S20+. Hopefully things are flexible and configurable without being monochrome.
So is there any legitimate source for what the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will truly sell for in the U.S.? I thought there was some UK price leak recently, but wasn't even sure if that was true or not?

I read a lot of rumors and guesses, but was just wondering if there's any real price leaks?

I've got my heart set on the regular Pixel 6, mainly for the flat screen, and I love that the overall size is pretty much identical to the Pixel 4 XL, which to me is about the perfect size for a smartphone.

The 6 Pro I'm sure will be a beast of a super smartphone, but it's a bit large for my tastes.
I've seen multiple articles that claim the normal Pixel 6 will start at $799 and the pro start at $999. Considering the base models still have 128GB of storage, I'm going with the $799 version. Ever since I've scaled back on having millions of MP3's and mostly switched to streaming, my 128GB is usually only 1/2 full.
With the hardware they have on that and then making money off collecting massive amount of data on you to sell to advertisers, you guys must really love to overpay for a "free" operating system. $799 and $999?!? Try $500/800 and maybe I'll consider it. In one month it'll likely have a massive sale, at least I hope.
In the video Brandon Lee said the curved screen on the Pixel 6 Pro is like the curved screen of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Here is a video devoted to the S21 Ultra's curved screen. Ace Lucero said the curved screen aids access to the Galaxy's sliding side panel.

He then talks about what is bad about the curved screen and points out an increased risk of breakage should you drop it on its edge. At the 2:40 mark he shows the disturbing weird glare caused by the curved screen.

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In that video Brandon Lee said the curved screen on the Pixel 6 Pro is like the curved screen of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. With that said, here is a video devoted to the S21 Ultra's curved screen. His discussion of a curved screen being beneficial applies only to that phone having an edge display that slides in and out - something the Pixel 6 Pro doesn't have. With that being out of the way lets know look at what is bad about a curved screen.

At the 2:40 mark Ace Lucero talks about the disturbing glare on the edges of the phone, it is that fact that turns me off of a curved screen and makes curved screens a no buy. Not to mention the increased risk of breaking the screen should you drop it on its edge.

I've given up on trying the 6 Pro and will get the standard 6. Not just to avoid the curved screen, but I also like the idea of buying a powerful phone without spending $1000+. I think the 6 will be 95% of the 6 Pro for hundreds $$ less.
Thought I'd provide a size comparison between cases for the 6 and 6 Pro. Ain't a whole lotta difference, TBH...


Am anticipating there may be some interesting examples of enhanced machine learning that the new chip can now do, or is envisioned to do.

Most definitely. I was mainly thinking about obvious hardware info and caveats. With the custom chip and Google actually trying to push this device (for once), I bet they definitely reveal some neat new exclusive features. I just hope there aren't too many weird quirks that hop along for the ride.
Has Google announced the update schedule? If they say 5 years of major updates I'll order one immediately.
Has Google announced the update schedule? If they say 5 years of major updates I'll order one immediately.
That's the best thing about this new chip. By not using Qualcomm they can support the chip as long as it's viable.
Yeah, they _could_ but what will Google actually do? They wouldn't even say outright that they'll guarantee X years of Stadia so I need them to put it in writing.
I'm not expecting 5 years of updates from anyone anymore. That's kind of sad because outside of 5G (and likely battery attrition), phones that were released 4-5 years ago are the same as current phones. The lack of innovative new features has made the short support window more obvious. That said, I'm still convinced that the draw of foldable phones will push a ton of people to upgrade in a 2-3 years. Once that tech is dialed in, it's a game changer.
I mean, Samsung gives 4 years and they are beholden to Qualcomm. There's no excuse for Google not to do at least 4 now that they ostensibly control the hardware. It doesn't have to be full updates like Apple, security updates for 2 of the 5 years would still be class leading on Android
Well, I bit the temptation bullet and sold my S21 ultra for a fair price and am using an old spare phone until the pixel 6/pro come out. The stock android 12 looks better than the OneUI 4 that Samsung is doing IMO. The OneUI 4 beta 2 just implemented the Material You color theming, but the rest of the UI is plain and neutered compared to stock Android 12. The Pixel 6 pro will have “only” 12gb ram vs S21 ultra’s 16gb, but 12gb is still overkill and the 6 pro will be cheaper than the s21 ultra so that’s fine with me. The Pixel finally has Samsung flagship level hardware with stock android that looks better than OneUI. The best of both worlds, hardware and software. Looking forward to it, but using a tiny old iPhone 6 is going to kill me for the next few weeks lol.
My wife got a Pixel 5 not long after I got my S20+ and doing literally everything except playing games was exactly the same speed. That's with me using the stripped down Nova and Samsung's OneUI launcher. Unless you're gaming or editing video on your phone, I honestly don't think specs matter all that much.
I am getting one. Period. Don't know whether it will be the 6 or the Pro yet, but my P2XL is barely holding on and really needs replaced.
9to5 Google said the marketing leak has a Google footnote: Android security updates for at least five years from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the US.

They also wrote: Unfortunately, Google doesn’t mention how long major Android updates will be supported on the Pixel 6, but the phrasing certainly implies they won’t hit the same 5-year timeline.

What reason would Google have to not provide major updates for five years also?
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Because Google, despite being one of the richest companies in the world that wastes money on failed products all the time, is nonetheless miserly. Imagine if they didn't close their Stadia Studios and had promised 5 years guaranteed support for Stadia or your money back. The confidence difference would have been night and day, maybe Stadia would even have been a great success.

Still, baby steps. 5 years security updates is still the best available on Android.
Well then, I will just have to be pleased with their providing five years of security updates which is a good thing, and not think about their withholding the major updates for an equal amount of time. It should still be pointed out though that Google didn't include five years of major updates too.
The longest I've ever kept a phone is 3 years with my 3XL, so I'm not concerned about having 5 years of updates.