Pirating of a Whole New Old Kind


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May 18, 1997
We hear about pirating every day in our little technology universe, but it is usually about downloading a movie, TV show, or song that was not paid for. Back in the old days, during the "Golden Age of Piracy," pirates were a breed of scoundrel on the high seas taking over others' vessels and then making off with their booty. It looks as though there is a new breed of scalawag that is taking some cues from Black Beard.

Within a few hours of mooring up and opening his laptop, Campbell Murray had taken complete control of a nearby multimillion-dollar superyacht.

He could easily have sailed it – and its super rich owner – off into the sunset. “We had control of the satellite communications,” said Murray, an IT specialist. “We had control of the telephone system, the Wi-Fi, the navigation … And we could wipe the data to erase any evidence of what we had done.”

I know many of us are extremely concerned with this happening to us....not. I just thought some of you might be looking for a new hobby.
But don't forget SIR SCALLYWAG!!

Wow, the article was cruising along just fine (pun intended) then it had to inject some targeted class warfare and politics bilge.
"Cues" not "queues"...unless you mean Blackbeard was standing in line waiting to hijack a vassal, no wait, I mean vessel.

Well.... If the hijack is successful, the hijacked vessel does become a vassal to the hijacker and the winning crew might have to queue up for their share of the loot. ARRR!
Wow, the article was cruising along just fine (pun intended) then it had to inject some targeted class warfare and politics bilge.
I love the puns, but disagree with the sentiment. Two paragraphs of background on why the market is set to pick up (and therefore make this a more pressing matter) hardly qualifies as injecting politics. I consider myself at least moderately aware of current events, but I don't keep up on the market for shiny toys that .001% of the world's population can afford. And it's hard to consider this class warfare when the comments come from, "a US lawyer who arranges superyacht sales." I have a hard time taking any of his comments as raging against the exploitation of the proletariat.
I also dislike when politics are needlessly injected into an article in click bait fashion (and don't particularly care for the Guardian), but I feel this was not the case.
Back on topic, I have just trademarked "Davy Jones' BitLocker." Who wants to help me build it?

I'm gonna have to call my Yacht guy. I don't need these kinds of headaches.
The solution? Sail-boat and a small arsenal. (also, stay out of certain unprotected waters)
I would like to offer up my services in IT for these people

as it seems they need it badly
If you read this and translate it properly, it says "unsecured wifi is bad".

And just because you hacked their wifi, doesn't give you complete control of the ship. Especially on the larger ships, you still need someone to start the engines, raise anchors/cast off lines, actually maneuver the ship and such.
But hey, those $35k cars will be impervious to stuff like this.
Think of the original 1995 Ghost in the Shell. Togusa is driving along and the major says "Give me the wheel" and starts driving automatically.