Pirated Final Fantasy XV Runs Better Than Purchased

I'm really hoping someone takes a look at the other versions of this game to see what, if any, difference the Origin and Windows Store versions have compared to Steam. If the Steam API is causing some issues for some people then those versions might be different. I know DSOGaming is trying to get SE to give them a Windows Store key, so hopefully they'll be able to get that and see what differences are to be found

Well I don't game on a 60" monitor, so 4k is irrelevant to me.

Who the heck told you that you need a 60" monitor to see 4K? If you're only a few feet away from the monitor you will start seeing the difference in the mid 30s. The difference between 1080 and 4k is night and day on the 43" TV that I'm using for a monitor.

Yes and no. There is no CPU load difference. Doesn't mean there aren't performance differences elsewhere. It seems to take Denuvo out of the picture, but that might not entirely be the case either.

Wait, Durante works for PCGamer? I'm not sure I'd trust that source. But either way we live in a world where we can perform this thing called benchmarks. Someone should do that.

He does some freelance work for them here and there. Primarily they pay him to write articles about PC ports and stuff like that. Most of the time he's working for companies like XSeed, helping them with ports.
Reference the not single part of my comment. A wife and two kids means other people like using the TV. Also as mentioned I game very differently on my PC vs my console. My PC is a multi monitor setup at a desk, my console's are connected to a TV in front of a couch or bed. Very different use cases. The whole PC vs Console nonsense is just silly. There doesn't need to be an or, there should be an "and".
dont know what your trying to get at? I was just giving you siggestions on how you could use your PC like a console and not need to have it connected to your TV INCASE you did want to play it on the tv instead of your computer room. I own a gaming PC, xbox one, and a PS4 so I dont give a shit what format you play on, just telling you what I do that works to allow me to play my PC in more than 1 location easily.

In the case of my android box using moonlight it auto changes the resolution to match the TV I'm playing on which is handy as hell
Coming soon: Final Fantasy XV : Pirate Edition with many fixes and improvements that should have been there in the first place!