Pimax Crystal: Pimax's answer to compete with Varjo Aero (Premium on the cheap....er)

In general yes. This is the first headset I can look at fine graim stuff like documents or spreadsheets and not be annoyed.

However if you're referring literally to the software Virtual Desktop then no the developer hasn't committed to officially supporting Crystal yet, due to what he called "having such a small market size.". Crystal may still work with VD, i haven't tested the app yet.

Probably waiting for the wireless mode to engage in the development.
The awaited Auto-IPD and Eye Tracking firmware update released a few days ago. Works very well, and no longer have to fiddle with manual IPD adjustment when letting friends demo the headset.

I got my Crystal too.

After the Eye tracking update i must say, this is the best HMD ever. Ultimate clarity and everything working as it should.

I'm impressed !
Wish there was a place I could demo or try this out first to see for myself.
For sure. It's unfortunately not commodity like a Quest 2 where you can walk into any Best Buy and try it out. But Pimax does have these roadshow events where they let people come demo - and actually compare them side by side with other HMDs to see the difference.

$1600 isn't a trivial purchase, but at the same time it's clarity is unmatched at the pricepoint. And now it's apparently on Amazon who at least have a better return window and process than direct purchased from Pimax.