Pictures of a couple recent jobs


Aug 1, 2002
1) Replaced an old Panasonic phone system with a newer one, cleaned up all the wiring


2) Cleaned up a mess of wiring in a basement, mounted a patch panel and tested all jacks in the basement. They have 12 jacks in the basement, the first 12 on the patch panel are the jacks, and the second 12 jacks allow for all the jacks to be used as phone jacks if needed.

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That is much too clean for my taste. You should relocate half the phone system to sit on a five-gallon bucket on the floor. Much more professional IMO.

Seriously, looks nice. :D
Lol, if I only had my camera on half of the office buildings I have been to. I know a few guys who do building maintenance around here so they let me see the phone rooms, some of them are absolutely horrifying. Now if I could just find a mop handle to wedge in between those 66 blocks...
You really should start snapping photos! The next time I am back at this one client's office I plan on snapping a picture of there setup that I am trying to convince them to let me clean up. I crap you not, they have a Cisco 1841 T1 router sitting on a five gallon bucket on the floor about 20 feet away from their rack with one 14' patch cord running to their T1 jack and another 14" patch cord going into the switch in their rack. . . .
do you guys not have test frames with covers?
only way you'd get away with a job like that here is if you are part of an internal IT departmentand your saving the company a bucket load by doing the work your self. I've personaly been mocked by customers for cleaner jobs.
Test frames? no idea what you are talking about...I'll have you know that I do excellent work and I stand behind it 110 percent. If you saw 90 percent of the jobs I walk into you might understand.
The punch own blocks that are labled up as cat5 are what would be refered to as a test frame or wiring frame, first time i've seen them as bare blocks, usually i see then mounted on a back plate with a cover that hides the block and inevitable rats nest of thin wires that builds up on them. infact heres a pic of one

By the sounds of it we work in similar industries, i can appreciate the horrors that you find out there I've pulled my fair share or crap off walls as well.

do you have any before/after pic of the basement cabling that show the whole board in one pic?
That link you showed is a krone block. We don't really use those here. Everything is either 66 blocks like I showed, or 110 blocks.
This is the best before shot I have. All the cat 5 cables were just hanging there...
If thats the norm there then that would explain why it looks a bit messy incomparison to what i'm used to. in an installation like that we'd tend to use the more compact covered krone blocks and use trunking between the units. you wouln't see probably close to 90% of the cables you can see there.

how ever which ever way you slice it, your job is much more manageble and neater than who ever was in there before you.
By any chance are you located in the UK? That would certainly explain the difference in materials used.