Photoshop to Illustrator conversion help needed


Apr 30, 2005
I have a logo that I need to get printed. I created this logo in Photoshop and saved it as an EPS file (printer requested). I can only afford 2 color printing but for some reason my photoshop file contains 4 colors. I need to someone turn my photoshop made logo and convert it in illustrator to a 2 color logo that matches. Can anyone help me with this please?
Hmm... your logo really should have been done in Illustrator to begin with, but if it's already in Photoshop now, there's really no use in taking it back into Illustrator at this point.

There are really too many unknowns here for us to be able to walk you through this. The short answer is to switch your photoshop file's color profile over from CMYK to Miltichannel, then throw out all but two channels, call those whatever two colors you're using, and tweak those two channels until they're aligned exactly like you want them. (I'm sure there's an easier way to do this - I just haven't worked with print graphics in a really long time)

I would personally just ask the printer. They can probably work with the CMYK file even if they're only printing two colors. They do that kind of color setup work all the time, so they probably won't have a problem setting it up for you before printing. They will probably have to tweak a few things before your file will be printable anyways.