Photoshop CS4 activation problems.


Sep 12, 2006
Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows how to disable a registered copy of Master Suite? I had it installed on both my laptop and my desktop. One hard drive on my main system was corrupted and it would not allow my to boot, no matter what I tried. So I ended up reinstalling the operating system. This didn't disable my copy of master suite, even though it is now running on the same system. It claims that I have 3 active copies of master suite running. Yet I have only 2. How do I disable the copy that is not working so I can use my fresh install of CS4?

Please help.
I shudder to think how painful this could potentially be, but I have to simply suggest calling adobe support... doubt there's any other way to get the old one revoked.
Call adobe and they will deactivate the extra one.