Photoshop: arrange photos manually then blend automatically??


Oct 17, 2005
So I have a bunch of images that I would like to turn into a panoramic image. For some reason, I'm having trouble getting it to work correctly automatically (because I didn't overlap enough). Can I arrange photos automatically on a large canvas and then have photoshop merge and blend the layers together as some of them are way different in exposure...yeah it's an effed up panoramic, I know.
So this is super rough, but I used CS5's content aware delete to crop and fill in some missing pieces and came up with this


from this


however, I the full size edits will have to wait until I get more rams in my computer...

Sooooo this thread is now useless, sorry. I organized the photos better and photoshop understood the order. Next time though, I'm doing a better job in the image capture stage (tripod and all preferably) but when it's -28c outside, it's hard to think.
nice, i litterally just looked up how to do this in photoshop lol.....took probably 50 panoramic on my trip down under(Australia/New some great pictures of The Remarkables) and want to get em assembled I know how to do it if I didnt do enough of a spacing(tried to do 50% of the picture.....had 140+gb to store em on while I was there so what the hell)

out of curiosity, can I have photoshop put some of the "blending" work for my panoramic offloaded to my GPU?
So you're saying you have too much overlap? Much better than too little!

As for the GPU - no clue but do share when you're done
well i got one of em done yesterday....slight problem with entire picture was shifted to the right.....not sure why, now about 1/4 of the picture is not showing up(but still there, its layer is there)think I have to try making it again later...
i knew of that one, will probably do it for the ones consisting of 3/4 pics, not 23 :p

yes, I have a 23 picture panoramic(ill post a link when its done.....1.01 GB as of now)

edit: do you have a down and dirty explanation of how to get photoshop to auto crop it for me so that it is even(like your 1st picture), i couldnt find a simple answer for that in the guides on google
This was more of an experiment than anything, but basically I cropped what was obviously not going to be included and then selected the patches where I neglected to get a picture of and then hit "content aware fill" to even it all out. You need CS5 for that or the GIMP plugin which can do the same.
got CS5, ill do a manual crop then....mine is not missing any area, i though tthat the content aware thing actually cropped it down to size

thanks, ill get a link up later today probably with before/after if you guys are to play aroud nwith this stuff
this stuff uses too much ram lol.....think ill have to go on the linux box and use the GIMP plugin(linux box has 8 GB, rather than the 4 ive got)
i think there is a way to get CS5 to use my 260....i'm looking at it now, as its working and Afterburner is actually showing a FPS for OGL(Open GL i would assume) in the work is frozen up atm lol, guess too many pictures for 32bit....
ok, i'm having issues now....put it to auto and it made the picture "rounded"....ill upload the .psb, can one of you guys take a look at it for me? ill edit with a link
hummm, I know there are several modes you can use when having it stitch. I use auto, but perhaps try one of the other ones?

I know that autostitch (the program, not the tool in PS) gave me really rounded panoramic
i have it in auto, not sure why its doing it like it is......since they are all pretty much level.....ill have the link in the morning.....only getting .94 up to humyo.....whats the point of having 2 up and not getting it :(