Phillips Fidelio x2HR


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Jun 7, 2008
I ordered some Phillips in the mail today in the past owned a set like 15 years ago just wanted something durable that won't sound bad on my new Amp. The last Phillips set sounded like ass basically. IF these don't sound good I know for a fact anything over this price point isn't really going to do anything. Still intrested in Focal Headphones due to their different driver design but read some bad reviews on the Elegia that said the sound was hollow and Audiophiles just kinda proped them up. I don't think Planner Dynamics are for me I had a set on order but canceled it. I don't think they are in part with Dynamic headphones because of the lack of Bass with them.

I'm only playing Youtube Music and Video Game music since I don't have a vast collection of pirated MP3s or MP4s like some people have.
These sound Amazing best Headphones I ever tried really noise isolating and the Bass is good and clarity is good too.
I've had a set for a couple of years now; the soundstage is amazing. If you have a SoundBlaster DAC that can do XFi to use with them they're out of this world.
Worried about the hinges they are plastic the V3s are more durable but sound slightly different. I'm switching out the Stock pads way too itchy the Velour if you don't shave and game it's painfull in a hot day.
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Picked up the X3 to compare Headband on top is kinda tight so did some stretching with it it's slightly better but I have a large head. Bass isn't as overpowering clarity is better the ear pads are not as itchy as well.I rather use these then the x2 but the Headband is kinda tight yet. I'm done buying Headphone for the rest of my life after this knowing anything else isn't going to sound better. These Phillips really improved over the years though I had some cans that were 15 years old they sounded like tin cans.