Phanteks Evolv ATX Glass case, Thunderbolt 3 add-in card, server RAM, MORE

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May 4, 2005
$50 - Phobya external radiator mount and stand
I used this stand so I could keep the rads and the pumps outside of my case, and position the rads where the air was cooler. This also helped me keep my PC silent by relocating the noise to another part of the room. You can mount rads and fans on the front, and pumps/reservoirs on the sides as shown in the pics. And it's compatible with copper or aluminum loops. Has minor signs of wear and tear, but is in good, stable and sturdy condition. Local pickup only.
Supports 3x3x120mm (9x 120mm fans), or even 4x180mm (4x 180mm fans)
$84 - Micron DDR4 8GB 2RX8 PC4-2133 ECC unbuffered DIMM
Single DIMM, great addition to a rackmount Synology or other server. Ships in protective cover (pictured). Price includes shipping.
$131 - ABS Tigas 10 hot-swap bay desktop/server
I've posted this before, but it's way cheaper this time. I priced too high last time because I was fearful of shipping costs. Instead, please consider this price + whatever shipping to your specific address costs once I know the address and can go to a UPS store and find out. Onward...
Remember that time a company called ABS made Lian Li build the weirdest server case? yea, nobody does, but it's a great idea, and has a lot of great qualities of both a gaming case, and a server case.
- 10 hotswap bays in front for your spinning disk Raid6. 3 non-hotswap bays in back for your boot raid1 or 5 of SSDs.
- still has all proprietary original parts included. Tried to get pictures of all the brackets and screws for you.
- has a few scuffs here and there, overall in good shape
here's the original newegg link for more info:
[Newegg Link]
The honest pros of this case: 10 hot swap bays without that rackmount server noise. foam insulated sides. Wash-able front fan filter. Supports large motherboards up to E-ATX and CEB.
The honest cons of this case: Can be hard to clean. Getting old, wouldn't say it rattles, but there can be some fan hum that comes and goes, and the front panel doesn't snap in as tightly as it used to.
Neither pro or con, but you should know: hot-swap is a motherboard/raid controller quality, not a bay thing.
if you hook all these hotswap sata ports up to your motherboard's onboard sata, it may not pick up drives without a reboot. If you hook them up to a real SAS/SATA Raid/Hba card with breakout cables, like the LSI 9280-8i or something, they will be real hot-swap. The back-plane here is pass-through, not SAS expander, you need something that can drive 10 discreet Sata ports.
There's a secret free bonus gift worth around $350 that should help you get 8 of these bays up and screaming. It was a pre-release product demo though, so I can't "sell" it, or admit that LSI gave it to me in the first place, and I think it doesn't have a drive failure buzzer installed, but it has 2 numbered miniSAS-HD to Sata breakout cables.
Feel free to ask any questions about operation or config options.
$139 - Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Glass case (Galaxy Silver)
Retails new for: $150-170+ plus tax
Phanteks product page: [Phanteks Link]
Includes all original parts and accessories! Pump stand, SSD cages, HDD cages, screw box, they're all here.
Mine is in very good to excellent condition (no major scratches or blemishes and very clean; some signs of dust/wear). The glass is in amazing shape and I've re-applied the protective plastic film to the glass panes inside and out to prevent scratches during handling. Shipping not included, but I do have a Phanteks case box, so I can ship properly and securely for around $40.
$91 - ASRock Thunderbolt 3 Add-in Card
For some reason this is mostly only available in Japan. I bought this for an ASRock mobo I no longer have. Works with the TB3 headers on the ASRock board. If your board also has TB3 headers, this might work for you as well. It's basically brand new.

My HeatWare Feedback is 100% positive.


All prices listed above are for payments via Google Wallet and Zelle. In a pinch can also accept Newegg & B&H Photo Video gift cards at 75% face value. Not currently seeking any trades at this time.
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