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Jul 2, 2016
ComputerBase: Intel Pentium G4560 Tested


- Applications Performance (Windows):
15% faster than $90 FX-6300
21% faster than $60 Pentium G4400 (predecessor)
23% faster than $149 A10-7890K

- Gaming Performance (1080P):
16% faster than $89 FX-6300
26% faster than $60 Pentium G4400 (predecessor)
26% faster than $149 A10-7890K

Ps: Almost 3x Pentium G4400's minimum framerates @ GTA V

- GTX 980 Ti SLI Tests: 24-45% faster than FX-6300

- 23W idle/load difference, down to as low as 16W with a 0.15V undervolt

ComputerBase said:
The 97 percent increase is only one test, but a lot of other applications are also staggered, which are also massively benefiting from the two additional threads and at the same time higher clock speed and faster memory. The GTA V game, for example, increases by 86 percent, Assassin's Creed by 60 percent, TrueCrypt encryption software is 50 percent faster, and music is converted 30 percent faster. If an application does not benefit from the more threads, the power gain drops to only six to eight percent - there it comes then only over the clock and the faster DDR4 memory.

That is one nice chip for 64$. That's a hard one to beat the bargain on. Its pretty much a stock 2500K at 1/3th the power draw.
A pity it's not unlocked, but I suppose Intel wants you to buy the i3-k for that privilege...:rolleyes:
This video with benchmarks alerted me that this processor even existed. It's leagues ahead of the G4400. I wanted to do a low budget build for my new mini-tower and this will be a good start, especially with how far I can upgrade it in a year or so.
Looks good for a Plex server build, no? Just a local feed for iPad/TVs. Probably wont see more than 2, possibly 3 users at most and no 4k ATM.
nwo for some nice small cheap ix motherbaord with overclocking and im rady to replace to upgrade my mini cluster