Peltier GPU Cooling

Mar 13, 2010
Has anyone had any luck cooling two graphics cards with peltier units? I've been thinking about it because I'm about to go SLI and both my GPUs run at about 52 C on idle. I also want to conserve room, and get rid of this stupid slot fan I have in there. I was thinking of replacing the heat sinks with some kind of passive sink and attaching two peltiers on top per card. Also, I have a 550 watt PSU. Do I need to upgrade to a bigger power-supply to run 4 peltier units for my two graphics cards? How would you go about wiring the units into the power supply? I would also like to note that I'm on a budget.
TEC cooling and "budget" usually do not go well together. Also, if you only have a 550w power supply and those ~2x100w 9800GTs there is no way in hell you could drive peltiers off it. You are already stressing that Roswill unit with your current setup.

Why not look into water cooling those GPUs?
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