PC World Interviews AMD's Scott Herkelman


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Mar 3, 2018
PC World sat down with AMD's Scott Herkleman, and got some good info on FreeSync, Radeon VII, and the future of AMD's gaming graphics. Among other things, he talks about why Radeon VII only supports PCIe Generation 3, Nvidia's decision to support freesync, and reaffirmed that Navi is coming in 2019, though he stopped short of dropping any more details about the architecture.

Check out the interview here, and be sure to read out interview with Scott if you haven't already.https://www.hardocp.com/news/2019/02/05/pc_world_interviews_amds_scott_herkelman

Join The Full Nerd gang as they talk about the latest PC hardware topics. In today's show we are joined by Scott Herkelman, VP & GM of Radeon Gaming at AMD. He's here to talk about Radeon VII, how FreeSync vs Gsync is like VHS vs Betamax, and tell us about his try at pro gaming!
He definitely presses the creative workload which intrigues me. I will be really curious to see the performance in Davinci Resolve or even Final Cut Pro X.
Fun interview with some back story. Sounds like Navi will not have Raytracing ability for real time gaming was the jest, at least first incarnation of it. Well we just have to wait till Feb 7 to see how the Vii performs.
Ugh, it's a video interview. I wish I had been warned of that.
Interesting, I'm not a fan of Vega in particular but what they were able to do with the 7nm shrink is interesting should see a decent 25% uplift from the 64, I like how he as realistic about the gaming performance, that earns my respect instead of coming out and just saying we're the best.

This will be interesting to see what Navi is going to look like, if it's a good arch. The gains should be impressive, and with a die shrinking on NVidias side with a mature arch. This is going to be one hell of a GPU war in 2020.

Whether the hate of RT comes from the high prices or the fact NVidia's implementation is proprietary is a moot point, it's still impressive they were able to do what they did, despite opinions from the peanut gallery eventually it will become standard whether it's of an open sourced nature isnt the point because the spot light is on it and people are focused at it's effects. Either because of the negative press and opinion or the positive ones. Moving forward though gamers will have to make a choice higher resolution or more realistic context to those graphics and that is based on your perspective and choice for how you play games, a couple to a few generation we may be forced to choose 4k RayTracing or 8k resolution and at that point it will be what is good enough? And it will have to be from all the camps, Blue, Green, or Red.
I'm continually impressed how AMD's current higher ups represent them in interviews and press events. I at least feel a sincere, genuine, attempt to provide value oriented products and honesty regarding those products performance. Truly hoping things continue to get better for them.
Just talk about Navi, it's not a secret and Nvidia probably already knows everything about it given their size and influence. I know AMD always spends what seems like forever finalizing their products, but they fucking blew it letting 2060 and its ilk get to market first.