PC sleep display problem


Limp Gawd
Aug 18, 2005
Recently installed 6600 xt and new nvme for fresh install of windows 11.

If I wake up pc from sleep my display flashes the desktop every second or so. I can see that the resolution has changed to something you would see before installing display drivers. Desktop icons are huge, etc.

Windows power setting is set to best performance

Only way I can fix is doing a hard reset.

Solved: had to disable fast startup-----nevermind it still does it
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Have you tried an older driver?

Also does it only do it during sleep? And a computer restart solves it?
I have not tried an older driver.

A restart does solve it, I have to hit the power button on the case.
Ah okay. Could be that the latest driver introduced new issues. Maybe try a previous one and give it a shot.
Hope you get this one solved soon!