Pc in a desk build


Feb 26, 2013
hi peeps im going to be building an integrated pc desk as i love the style and the neatness of them. ive been looking online at as many as i can find but they are quite the rarity.
if any of you could point me to some good build threads it would be appreciated.

im looking to start with the basics really i.e how big should i make the desk? i see most prebuilt ones are around 800mm deep by 1400mm long. mine at the moment is a sort of l shape around 1500 long and 600 wide along the front and 1m on the l part that comes forward. i dont want something massive but i also dont want something small and crammed.

im also very torn between 2 options, i will be moving my 900d water cooled set up into the desk as the main pc but my son also has a new pc setup that i could incorporate into the desk so i have the 2 inside, i think that would really fill the desk up nicely and i never move either pcs around or go to lan partys ect so thats not an issue. i just think would it look better with just 1 computer inside with a few res in the middle and run 2 water loops with solid tubes? whats you opinions?
its mainly all to create a show piece so ill be filling with led lights and possibly building the inside with coloured acrylic

if any of you have made your own please feel free to give any advice or tips