Patriot DDR3 1600 vs G.Skill DDR3 1600


Oct 11, 2004
Is there a general consensus which brand is a better performer and more reliable? I am looking to get some triple channel going for my i7 build coming up.

Nothing but headaches with Patriot in the past, haven't heard a bad word about G.Skill, it's what I'm planning on using.
I got the patriot. Vista's doing the upgrade cycle and I'm still wiating for a decent waterblock to be available so no testing yet. I'm hoping the bigger ramsinks will be able to keep it cool without a dedicated fan like in my current setup.
Thank you for the replies, all! At Newegg, the Patriot is $10 cheaper and comes with another $25 off if you get a PT6 with it (which I am more than likely going to do). So, the Patriot ends up being about $35 cheaper than the G.Skill. Would this affect anybody's choice?

Dan, please post your results after you get a chance to test.

I have patriot 1600 dd3 on p5e3 deluxe doing 1720 @ 6 7 7 18 but for the price difference I myself would go patriot. save a couple bucks but both are decent memory.