Painless upgrade from esxi 6.7 to 7.0u3


Feb 25, 2011
I first tried the ISO upgrade method but that failed as expected (some issue where it doesn't play well with updates done via the online method.) So I created a temporary baseline called 'upgrade from 6.7 to 7.0' lol. Applied it to all 3 machines with no issues. Well, there was one on all 3hosts that the compliance check flagged. Older out support nics (pro/1000). Wasn't actually using those on 2 of them (they were there from a previous experiment.) I did need on the 3rd host, since the LAN had 2 NICs in a LACP.) For the moment, I pulled the pro/1000 and was ok on the upgrade. Was trying to figure out a 1-2 port 1gb intel nic that IS on the 7.0 HCL. Then I found a forum where someone mentioned the issue is that the ne1000 driver is disabled by default, so I enabled the ne1000 driver, shut down, re-added that card and rebooted.) Lo and behold! There be my NIC :) If they completely remove support down the road, I'll deal with that when I need to. Oh, yeah, the VCSA was a fresh 7.0 install from several months ago, so I'm all 7.0 now. Thank God for VMUG. BTW, I must say that upgrades/patches like this are way more convenience than downloading vibs and trying to install them without stepping on my male apparatus :)


Aug 10, 2006
Thank you. Still running 6.7 Did they come out with drivers for fusion io for 7? probably won't upgrade to 7 till I get new hardware.