Packet loss behind the router


Jun 7, 2004
So this past week I've been dealing with an issue that a customer has been having. We've found that there has been extensive packet loss behind one of our firewall/VPN routers. The customer was screaming for the firewall to be replaced without even giving us the chance to properly troubleshoot. Well we did our testing anyway and decided to just go ahead and replace it. The new router comes in and gets hooked up. It comes out online and guess what, same exact problem! :D

You guys think its a safe bet to blame the issue on inside cabling? When we ping the devices on the LAN side of our router we see intermittent packet loss and this happens with all 5 devices. No switch or anything behind the router, these devices are directly connected to the 8 usable LAN ports.
hmm could be bad cabling?

one of my friends just replaced the network cable to his server, as the cable had either gone bad, or something...
first, this should not be in the gallery.

have you tested new cables? always start with layer 1. make sure that's good, then move on to layer 2, 3, etc.