Oxenfree Available for Free at GOG


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Over at GOG you can get 2016's Oxenfree for free. It seems to have good ratings from gamers so there's no reason not to download it. Grab it within the next 17 hours for your own DRM free copy. Check out the video of the game below.

Watch the video here.
I bought it in a sale. I liked it. The only thing that bugged me a bit about it is the timer to choose your dialog option is really short. It makes the conversations more realistic but at a cost of you not always picking what you really wanted to say. Alpha Protocol also had this issue.
I had not heard of this one, and have not yet had a chance to read up on what kind of a game it is, but I do like "free", so I snagged it.

I had it on steam, I liked the game, one of the few that skip the backlog line.
This is a pretty sweet game. Gameplay-wise it looks like a standard side-scroller, but it is actually more like a TellTale adventure game where you choose where to go. The endings you get are almost all based on your conversations with the other characters.
Fantastic game that is easily worth full price. Jump on this people.
I picked it up. So far pretty good. I had heard of this a while ago, mostly due to the soudntrack, which is fantastic, but hadn't bothered to actually buy it. Glad I was able to get it for free!