Overclocking problem!!

Jan 4, 2004
Well I now have a huge overclocking problem. I recently had a Panaflow 92mm Fan blowing on my SLK-900u. It died and my PC restarted and made couple of beeps(it didn't post just shut off). So I went out and got a 92mm Tornado, put it in and booted. Sounded like a police siren. So I reset the CMOS, and booted as 2500+ with voltage default. Now if I try to up the voltage to overclock higher the same thing happens. The feature where the PC shuts down if it doesn't detect a fan is off. So I don't know what is going on, but its killing my overclocking. I also have a Nexus fan controller installed.


ABIT NF7-S rev 2.0
Athlon XP 2500+ week 67
Corsair 3200LL PT
Vantec Tornado

Thanks in advance
--Seph :D
maby you just cant go further, the MB might not let you? I dunno, i dont even OC my computer cuz i am afraid 2 burn it but thats just my guess. I got an epox, which is great for overclocking, i should do that sometimes.
I can go much further. It booted into windows at 227FSB, but my temps were way too high(another problem) so I clocked it back down. I ran it at 217FSB up until my fan died, then I got this problem and couldn't overclock at all.

--Seph :D