Opinion on Dell XPS Desktops


Limp Gawd
Apr 11, 2009
I like to upgrade my Dell XPS 9100 to a new one. My desktop is not used for gaming, just a general home PC for editing, office work. However, I like to get a currnet high-end PC as I keep the PC's for a long time.

Does anyone have some insights on the current XPS desktop line and configurations?
Also, are the core components such as motherboard the same for all XPS desktop? i.e. if I choose Intel UHD Graphics rather than a card will it be the same PC?
Just wondering as I can to my desired configuration different ways.
Buy for specs and warranty. The core components of the system that matter (CPU, RAM, Storage) will perform identically from system to system and OEM to OEM. If you feel you have a need that the particular model of motherboard is important (you don't) then you should either be building yourself (seriously why aren't you?) or working with a boutique builder which will be stupidly expensive and won't offer any real world benefit for your workload vs the $500 Walmart special i5 with a budget SSD.
I am trying to get a build with an i9, with 16GB RAM. 512GB SSD + 1T drive. Integrated video only at this point as I will not use for gaming. With WinPro and office home & business
I think a lot of people would tell you Ryzen is what you should be looking at right now. I also think a lot of people would tell a guy that knows exactly what he wants that he should build it himself. You'll get a lot more bang for your buck allowing you to buy a lot more hardware for your money. You can assemble a real beast for what you'd pay for a middle of the road Dell which will give you that many more horsepower to handle future needs. Something that I'd think is important to a guy who "keeps his PCs for a long time."
What do you use this system for? Buying now to future proof never works really, in most cases...

Why do you need an i9 but only 16G of ram?